Thit Doi – Cured Pork Roll Sausage

Ha! Meathead gifted me this quite some time ago. More than a few months, but the product still looks good, I suppose. I don’t have what it takes to open it and sample and I’m sorry. Have you opened and had a little treat?
Do you have one in your fridge? Let me know what it’s like!

6 thoughts on “Thit Doi – Cured Pork Roll Sausage

  1. That looks like the stuff on The Vietnamese Sandwich I had. Was called “mixed ham”. It had pate, daikon, carrot and other unidentified stuff. Tasted pretty darn good for $1.75

  2. Just saw Thit Doi in a Vietnamese market today. I know your discussion about it is a year old, but, if you remember it, does this sausage require cooking?

  3. It’s Vietnamese ham used for banh mi. I have some in my fridge too. Going to make some to eat soon.