Fluffy Friday – Travel to Furryville and visit the Pigby’s

My sister Kallisti of Blastmilk gifted me this set of little piggies and a stove the other day. She figured it was time to get some new props for Meathenge, she’s right. Said she bought them a while back and enjoyed them long enough, now it’s our turn.
I ran home early so I’d have time before dinner to set up and take me a shot. Something new to take pictures of, I couldn’t wait. They were all wrapped up in this clear plastic holding thingy and had cardboard props to make it look as though the pigs were in a country kitchen. This is what Furryville is, a country place. You know, out in the country? Pollen, pickup trucks and fruit pies, you know the place. They win the Furryville cooking competition each year, so says the little story book that comes with. I wanna know what they cooked with that 12 burner stove. I would do something with gravy, I think.
They need a little proppin’ up, don’t ya know. But how can you possibly resist? They gots chile pepper aprons !!! And, of course, they’re pigs. No sane person can ever resist a piggy.
Please welcome the Pigby family to Meathenge’s prop department, I’m sure they’ll have fun wherever they go.

7 thoughts on “Fluffy Friday – Travel to Furryville and visit the Pigby’s

  1. I love the Pigbys! Congratulations on a cool acquisition. Look at the knobs on that stove!
    (Today I bought toy flatware. Sheesh.)

  2. I had one of their cousins for lunch in dank, dark hole-in-the-wall today.
    I can’t wait to meet the rest of the family.

  3. Ohh…those little guys are so damned cute! I love the aprons and the retro-looking stove in pink, red and silver.
    Too cool!