Fatted Calf hits the mother lode of mushrooms this week! Fatted Calf Newsletter

This here is last week’s Cattail Creek Lamb Brochettes marinated in Harissa. We grilled them nicely until done. Then we stood around and ate them. And then, we sat down.

Ick. We’re smack dab in the middle of a heat wave around these parts. I imagine we’ll see 90s here and it’ll hit triple digits inland. My fresh flower garden gets a watering twice a day and we mostly just sit around and sweat. But as the sun starts to dip, as the ocean breezes kick in about 5pm, Biggles hits the grill and it’s sausage time!
Good thing too cause this week Fatted Calf scored bigtime on some fancy porcini and morel murshrooms. The porcini are going in the quail. And brother, I can tell you these stuffed quail were built for the grill or smoker. They don’t take long and please be gentle. You will be rewarded. The morel murshrooms are going in links. Oh man I’ll bet those are rich and juicy. Get your mesquite going, toss on a handful of hickory chips and lay out your links. If the heat is blistering, let it burn down for 10 minutes or so before you install your food.
Oh man, this week are the Devil’s Gulch Rabbit Crepinettes with Roasted Shallots. Those shallots are so creamy perfect for rabbit, it’s like their sisters or something. Sister Shallot and Sister Rabbit, HAHAHAHaahhah. I think I’ve just come up wtih my first children’s book.
This is an excellent week for a visit. The weather will be nice, the sausage is fresh and I’ll bet you could find a nice salumi to fit the need. See you at the market!

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Where The Wild Foods Are
Deep in the forest lives something delicious. So we drove three hours in the relentless January rains to a poorly described location, suited up, took a swig from the flask of courage and basket on arms, began our search. We trudged through the low, dripping coastal canopy, down steep mud-slicked ravines, along streams pregnant with recent rains until at last our eyes focused on a spray of delicate black heads, a mini mother lode of black trumpet mushrooms, poking through the decaying foliage. And as I crouched down to cut away my very first wild mushroom I thought how strange and liberating it was to be off the grid, harvesting wild foods.
Although we return to the forest at least once a year to get our boots wet and feel the magic of hunting and gathering the wild foods that Northern California has to offer, we rely on Connie Green, wild woman and mushroom expert, to provide us with the most glorious fungi one can find. Connie informed us this week that we are currently in the eye of a rare season when the late blooming morels are joined unexpectedly by a brief round of meaty summer porcini. After a veritable mushroom draught earlier this year, how could we turn either of these beauties down? We’ll stuff the Hoffman’s plump quail with rich porcini mushroom sausage and link skinny pork sausages loaded with morels and aromatic herbs. For something somewhat more domesticated but no less exhilarating to the palate there are crepinettes made from Devil’s Gulch rabbit and roasted shallots. Enjoy the abundant sunshine, the flavorful gifts that summer has brought us and eat a little wildly!
See you at the market!
Saturday, June 24
Hoffman Farm Quail stuffed with Porcini Mushroom Sausage (9.50 each)
Rabbit Crepinettes with Roasted Shallots
Morel Mushroom Links (packs of four)
Hot Italian
Basque Sausage
Fennel Sausage
Mexican Style Chorizo
Breakfast Sausage
Pâtés, Confits & Terrines
Pâté Maison
Rabbit Pâté with Chives
Duck Pâté with Brandied Currants
Duck Liver Mousse
Duck Confit
Pork Rillettes
Duck Rillettes
Petit Sec Aux Herbes
Salami Cotto
Umbrian Salami
Spanish Style Chorizo
Other Meaty Goods

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