A tale of the quail and the fig – A Fatted Calf Newsletter

Image above would be the Fatted Calf’s brined and cold smoked pork chops!

This, right here is hands down the best Fatted Calf Newsletter ever. This one. Today. Right now. I have nothing to add or blabber about. Toponia, you are the queen.
Please read on to poetic meaty love.

Fatted Calf
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Oh Fig, you drama queen!
From Sumeria to Assyria and from Phoenicia to the Mediterranean Coast, the fig has flourished on the branch as cultures emerged, religions birthed, wars fought and empires collapsed. It has been served on the table of history’s most dramatic events and passed over the lips and into the minds of the world’s most celebrated players. Romulus and Remus, legendary founders of Rome, were suckled by a she-wolf at the base of the sacred fig tree. Under a fig’s lush palmate canopy Siddhartha sought enlightenment. Cleopatra, seductive ruler of the Egyptian Empire, ended her calamitous life with the poisonous bite of an asp concealed in a basket of figs. And it is believed that the prophet Mohammed once said, “If I could wish a fruit brought to paradise it would certainly be the fig.”
The drama continues this weekend when notoriously good Knoll Farm Figs are carefully encased in a petite boule of our sausage and then gingerly stuffed up the rump of a plump, brined Hoffman Farm Quail. These lusty concoctions are gorgeous when roasted and positively sing when grilled. Plunge in your fork and witness the hot figgy lava flow onto your plate beckoning you with its honeyed perfume to take a bite.
Bravo, little Fig!
See you at the market.
Saturday, July 15
The Quail and the Fig 8.50 each
Harissa marinated Cattail Creek Lamb Brochettes packages of four/12.50 per pound
Pork Crepinettes with Duck Liver, Pistachios and Marsala
Hot Italian
Fennel Sausage
Savory Pork Sausage with Greens
Mexican Style Chorizo
Breakfast Sausage
Pâtés, Confits & Terrines
Pâté Maison
Duck Terrine
Rabbit Pate
Duck Liver Mousse
Duck Confit
Rabbit Rillettes
Duck Rillettes
Tonno di Maiale
Petit Sec Aux Herbes
Salami Cotto
Saucisson Sec
Spanish Style Chorizo
Other Meaty Goods
Beef Jerky

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  1. Hey I was in San Francisco last weekend and I visited the Fatted Calf booth at the Ferry Building. I got merguez, pancetta, and another kind of hard sausage which tastes like pepperoni (can’t remember the name and I don’t have the package any more). Anyway I told them I read about them on your blog and they’re supposed to give you my regards.