Fatted Calf Newsletter – Herb stuffed Cattail Creek Lamb Sirloin Roasts & Duck Crepinettes

You gotta know, I get to the market just about when it legally opens. That’d be 10am every Saturday morning. I arrived at the Fatted Calf stall a few minutes after and I’m not talking 11:30, I’m talking about 10:05. Toponia was erasing the crepinettes and the rind on bacon right off the board, sold out. So, if you’re looking forward to something specific this week, order now. Got it?
I would really, truly recommend picking up the lamb roast. Taylor has a real knack for finding excellent cuts and they’re painfully fresh. He uses organic herbs and stuffins. I know what some of you are thinking, “I’m not so concerned with everything being organic, just tasting good.” This is something to be thoughtful about when at Safeway and buying their own branded organic milk or produce. Their definition of organic ain’t mine. It does make a difference when you get to know your farmers and ranchers and how they raise their stock and produce. The fruits, veggies and herbies are organic at the Berkeley farmer’s market and I can’t reproduce the goodness at my local Safeway, not even remotely. Taylor grabs all these things and more and introduces them in to meat. What do we get? The best damned lamb roast ever, that’s what.
“Okay Biggles, you talked my poor ass in to buying this hunk of gorgeous lamb, but now what?” Says you. “Cook it and don’t screw it up, foo!” Says I. Use grill or smoker or find someone who does. And that’s how I’d recommend doing it. Sharing is caring.
Don’t wash it! There’s most certainly pepper dust on the outside that needs to stay. It’s ready to be cooked. Be gentle though, sear it directly first. Then remove off coals, close lid and cook indirectly until an internal temperature of 138 to 140 is obtained. This will probably be within an hour or so for these little dudes. Pull and let rest 15 mnutes. Eat.
By the look of the menu this week you have all kinds of good things to choose from. I see Spicy Beef Links. I know previously these were best cooked in a smoker for a few hours. I would ask when you show up and see if that is still true. Either way though, the spice blend and the meat flavors really come through on this link, try a package and see. The duck crepinettes will most certainly be on this coming week’s menu for Meathenge Labs. They got brandied prunes man !!! Duck and brandy? Oh yes.
Please read on to the Fatted Calf Newsletter not written by me. And I hope to see you at the market, I can hardly wait. I saw some grapefruit the last few weeks and I want to try.

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The sandwich is my true savior. Summer’s lazy days have settled in and the concepts of dicing and blanching, searing and roasting seem complex and menacing. The relatively comprehensive cookbook in the back of my mind has slammed shut and the majority of my pots, pans and major appliances are on their customary August holiday. Sandwich accoutrement; fat heirloom tomatoes, sweet onions, leafy lettuces, are reaching peak season. It’s time to renounce cutlery and devote myself to the sandwich revival.
Six Ways of Looking at a Sandwich
All hail the BLT! The powerful triumvirate, for which I pine madly in colder months, insinuates itself into my weekly repertoire. Each one special, I store them like mementos to reflect upon when the tomato vines have shriveled in the frost.
At the Farmers Market jewel-like chile peppers are piled high. When the mood strikes I’ll concoct a big jar of escabeche to adorn my chorizo torta with avocado and, to answer gluttony’s call, a fried egg.
True to my Jersey roots, a fennel sausage sandwich heaped with fried peppers and onions feeds my soul like no other.
A pâté is a glorious meatloaf. So, why not pâté, nestled in a brioche bun, slathered with mustard and heaped with pickled onions?
There are only two crepinettes in a package so choose carefully the chum on which you lavish this indulgence, offset by crisp bitter greens.
When your two slices of bread are filled with grilled cattail creek lamb sirloin, smoky eggplant and a tangy herb jam, a sandwich renaissance is in the air.
See you at the market!
Saturday, August 12
Herb stuffed Cattail Creek Lamb Sirloin Roasts (approximately 1 1/3 lbs. each 14.00 per pound)
Duck Crepinettes with brandied prunes
Savory Pork Sausage with Greens
Spicy Beef Links
Hot Italian
Mexican Style Chorizo
Breakfast Sausage
Pâtés, Confits & Terrines
Pâté Maison
Guinea Hen Terrine
Rabbit Pâté
Duck Liver Mousse
Duck Confit
Pork Rillettes
Duck Rillettes
Petit Sec Aux Herbes
Salami Cotto
Salami Toscano
Other Meaty Goods
Beef Jerky

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