Fatted Calf Newsletter – Basque Coils, Pork Crepinettes with pine nuts, currants & herbs and Cattail Creek Lamb Sirloin Roasts

Fatted Calf’s Berkshire Pork Brochettes from a few weeks ago. These were exceptionally tasty.

Wahoo! Lookie, I got a mention in the Fatted Calf Newsletter, neat. Not only am I famous on the internet, now via newsletters as well. You’re most certainly welcome Taylor, Toponia and The Team. I wouldn’t have done it any other way and consider myself a greater person knowing you. XO.
This week looks exceptionally great and I can hardly wait to smell the lamb roast. No, not while it’s cooking, but raw in the wrapper. Taylor has this way with meat that not only allows wonderful wafts from the grill, but directly from the wrapper as well. You’ll see, this coming Saturday open the package and give a sniff. It’ll make you smile.
WOW !!! I haven’t seen these for a while, sausage coils. Basque sausage coils to be exact. Mama said they smell of garden fresh vegetables and fruits, very bright. I agreed, “Of course, it’s sausage.” What gives this sausage is rosey color and warm flavor is the Piment d’ Espelette (Basque chile pepper). That’s some pretty fancy ingredient usin’ there. I’ve already placed my preorder along with the lamb roast and a few other goodies. Hey, they’ve got the Knockwurst listed too. You should really try these if you haven’t. They’re smoky, smooth with a little spicy action. I boil them for 5 minutes in gently boiling water, pull and serve with a hot German mustard. I figure 2 per person is fair, at least for me anyways.
Hey, have you ever taken their Breakfast Sausage, made it in to a patty and grilled it? Served on a good bun like a standard beef burger? You should you know. Breakfast sausage isn’t just for breakfast anymore.
While the Pate and Salumi departments certainly hold more than a few treasures, the Rind On Bacon draws me to the bottom each time. The wonderfully rich flavors and nice chewy texture to this already smoky pork product are something I wait in anticipation for each time. I remember a few weeks ago this version was gone in about 5 minutes, no kidding.
It’s September 1st and I suppose the summer is winding down. Kids are back in school and Labor day is upon us. Start the weekend off right and head out to your local farmer’s market and get cooking. I know that’s where I’m headed. I hope to see you there!

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When Taylor and I started the Fatted Calf three years ago it was just the two of us striking out on our own in a labor of love. Our goal was to use our skills to make a great product to share with our community. As we gained momentum the demand exceeded what we alone could generate and so we slowly built a team of people who have lent us their hands, their intellect and their palettes to help us get the job done.
To rise before the sun, to schlep coolers laden with meat and ice, to stand in the hot bright sun, the relentless winter winds and the wayward icy rain is possibly the most unglamorous job around. And yet each week Scott and Jim “the hulk” Wierzba crawl from their beds on a minimum allowance of sleep to bless us with their brawn and good humor at the Farmers’ Market. In the kitchen Antonio is the reigning sausage king, deftly churning out plump knockwurst and basque coils, laughing and singing while twisting hundreds of pounds of sausage into precise links. Stoic Ismael meticulously wraps each crepinette, slices every piece of Bacon and carefully ties all the little lamb sirloin roast. You may have glimpsed enchanting Patricia at a rare Farmers Market appearance but most of her days are spent stove-side, shredding duck into creamy rillettes, toasting and grinding spices and neatly packaging each salami, sausage and tranche of pâté. This week we are excited to have Chuck join us in the kitchen, bringing with him years of tasty meat expertise.
We could never make it happen alone. They (and others like Jan, Candice and Guy who’ve helped us in a pinch) make The Fatted Calf possible and we are incredibly grateful. This holiday weekend when you gather with friends and family for a late summer hurrah you are enjoying the fruits of their labor.
See you at the market!
Saturday, September 2
Cattail Creek Lamb Sirloin Roasts seasoned with Aleppo pepper and stuffed with Herbs
Pork Crepinettes with pine nuts, currants & herbs
Basque Coils
Hot Italian
Mexican Style Chorizo
Breakfast Sausage
Pâtés, Confits & Terrines
Pâté Maison
Guinea Hen Terrine
Rabbit Pâté
Duck Liver Mousse
Duck Confit
Duck Rillettes
Petit Sec Aux Herbes
Salami Cotto
Umbrian Salami
Other Meaty Goods
Rind On Bacon
Beef Jerky
*It’s True! We’re taking back the empty rillettes ramekins that are clogging your kitchen cabinets. There is a fifty cent refund for each container returned.

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