Fatted Calf Newsletter – Berkshire Pork Brochettes with Lavender, Rosemary, Garlic and Bay

Pretty sunflowers in my sunflower garden this year.

I give up, the season is changing. I’ve been fighting it for the last few weeks. Sure I read other blogs, you bet. And some are talking about the food and weather that comes along with autumn. Well, I wasn’t having any of that. I am not ready for cooler weather, no sir. Dammit, I still require some warmth with bright mornings and beautiful lazy evenings. I’m not done coming home to fire up the grill and hang out with a cool refreshing beverage after work.
Yeah, well it’s changing whether I do battle or not. The light in the morning and after lunch is diffused and gold. The smells are dewy wet in the morning with a crisp bite to the nostrils. The cool temperatures come quick now in the afternoon and the windows go closed. I figure we got a little time left before we’re grilling in the rain & snow & sleets. And what perfect timing for Fatted Calf to present us these fine Heritage Berkshire Pork Brochettes with Lavender, Rosemary, Garlic and Bay.

Who doesn’t love meat on sticks? I sure as hell do, especially these. Opening up the package, especially with the lavender is going to be heavenly for sure. You need to enjoy every last bit of daylight we have left and right now is the time to get moving. Take no prisoners!
It looks as though the Rind On bacon is here this week, still an excellent cured meat choice. While the Rabbit Crepinettes with Roasted Shallots are no slouch either. Oh, here’s something, Linguica. I think everyone knows about this fine Portuegese sausage, I don’t quite remember seeing it before. Sounds like a nice start for something stewy! MmmMm, stew.
FC’s menu is quite full this week and I’m sure the rest of the market will be as well. The sheer volume of gorgous chile peppers and ripe tomatoes last week bring me back this week with huge anticipation. Take some time out of your busy schedule and come have a visit. Take care and hope to see you at the market.

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If only I could transport myself to Provence, even for one mid September afternoon. I long to sit in a square flanked by cheerfully painted buildings in a town ringed with vine covered hills. I’d sip rosé and study the gold flecked light as it filtered through branches delicately strung with young olives.
As the afternoon wanes and a light chill settles in I begin to contemplate my dinner options.
A little pâté is a must, brought to the table with a dish of citrus infused olives, to stimulate the appetite and let one know there are good things happening in the kitchen. Should I commence with a mache salad with duck liver mousse toasts or the more robust salad of escarole and chewy rind-on lardon?
The next course will be the most difficult to decide. There is boudin noir served with a galette of the seasons first apples. Rabbit gingerly wrapped into flavorful little crepinettes is hard to pass up. Tonight I am in the mood for something off the grill and Pork Brochettes seasoned with lavender and the familiar mix of Provencal herbs will fit the bill. A little fricot of fresh shell beans completes the dish. With each tender bite I smile and reflect on the passing of these last days of summer.
See you at the market or just around the corner in Provence!
Saturday, September 16
Heritage Berkshire Pork Brochettes with Lavender, Rosemary, Garlic and Bay
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*It’s True! We’re taking back the empty rillettes ramekins that are clogging your kitchen cabinets. There is a refund of fifty cents for each container returned.

2 thoughts on “Fatted Calf Newsletter – Berkshire Pork Brochettes with Lavender, Rosemary, Garlic and Bay

  1. You’d be ready to see summer go if you lived in the swampy climate of D.C. and its environs.
    Here’s a favor request: I’m going to be grilling tomorrow for a ton of people and want a variety of meats. I’ve got most of it under control, but what I’m looking for is a mind-bendingly good recipe for spareribs. I’m partial to memphis-style BBQ and the tangier Carolina sauces, but I’m open to ANYTHING. So if you have a good recipe for a dry rub, mop, or combination, let me know (preferably before noon tomorrow!) If I use it, due credit will of course be given on the blog.
    Gracias amigo.

  2. Hey KM,
    While my ribs are mind bending. They’re pretty basic and probably not what you’re looking for.
    I do have an answer for you. A partner in crime does have what you’re looking for:
    And here’s his dry rub already done up. Mine is pretty much the same sans the garlic powder & chipotle. I’m done with chipotle. Oh, and mine has a touch of cinnamon.
    You really need to get that rub on today for use tomorrow.