Eat your breakfast hunney, it’s the most important meal of the day.

Blah blah and double blah. I never believed that crap and neither did you. We’re 22 right? Hit the clubs all weekend, wind up in 3 different beds and get to work Monday morning at 7am with your shades on and you’re doing fine. Right? Riiight. You can do that for only so many years before your grandmother’s advice starts to kick in. Then a visit to the doctor and he takes one look at you and says, “Do you eat breakfast?”

While I don’t eat “breakfast” every day, I do a lot better than I used to. This morning I got up after an absolutely excellent rest and wanted to sit down to a nice breakfast. Don’t we all? But it was Friday at 8 am and I had to be to work in a bit. Once again, leaving without even so much as a glass of sunny orange juice.
Sheet man, I got a few eggs, some bread and Irish bacon. I’ll cook this up in my office while laying down the … whatever it is I do.

Whoops, forgot the fresh fruit. Dang.

Hey Captain!

8 thoughts on “Eat your breakfast hunney, it’s the most important meal of the day.

  1. Hey Chandler,
    Thankee. I have to say it really puts a spin on the day when you can do up some food like that at work. Kinda takes the ‘work’ out of the day. Plus you save tons of cash by not buying something you really don’t want to snack on. Ya know.

  2. Hey Chilebrown: I’m with you. The Yucateco green is great. One of my favs also. Not for the timid though. B.C.

  3. I bet Cap’n & Tenille always ate breakfast…no matter what else they did! That’s how come they look so good!
    As for the rest of us, it’s too late!
    Howsome-ever, your “fry up with solid meat bacon” looks delicious and would definitely make my day if I had that to open my work station with… plus… might even salvage what’s left of the living corpus if consumed regularly at 8 am!
    Oh…if out of hot sauce, bring on the jalapeno salsa. Mixes beautifully with eggs and bacon!