Kraft, Macky Cheese and … Organic? Dear Gods, I’ve lived too long.

I spotted this flyer on the side table the other day, didn’t pay much attention. Until I spotted the word Organic on it. What the HELL !?!
Does this matter? For something that has so little cheese in it that it can’t have the word Cheese in it for the Canadians? Do we care? I don’t and we have 2 boys that love the stuff.
Go save the world somewheres else, please. As JLee is fond of saying, “quiddit”.

7 thoughts on “Kraft, Macky Cheese and … Organic? Dear Gods, I’ve lived too long.

  1. Chumly,
    throw it all away, fast, quick, now, instant!
    Nobody needs this kind of “stuff.” Feed it to the mice/rats in your neighborhood and guaranteed, they will not return!

  2. Go figure. I’d just as soon melt some old tupperware and pour some old paint over it and serve it up. But don’t ya know it’s one organic item my kids won’t even touch! LOL!

  3. Hey Mom,
    Your lucky. Our kids were doing fine until they started spending time with other family members and friends. All it took was 1 Top Ramen or 1 condensed soup and that was that. All I can do now is insist on veggies and teach by example. Z, at 11, has now been quite willing to try what we’re eating. So, at least the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an oncomming train.
    Thanks for stopping by and hope you’re doing well!

  4. To a chemist, “organic” means it contains carbon. I’m pretty sure this product contains carbon, hench it’s organic!