BrrrrING, brring! This is the Food Operator, is Biggles there?

It wasn’t too many years ago when I met Amelia Ray. She was introduced to me through a mutual friend, as it turned out a fan of Meathenge already. Such a small world we live in, eh? She was, and still is, an accomplished musician (she has paying gigs, hoser). Check out her bio and site, she’s got talent (the good kind) oozing our her ear holes.
Now we turn to page 2 and she’s put up a food blog. And cause she’s got creativity, she came up with a pretty fricken unique idea. She interviews people via telephone from her home in Spain and has them do a recipe and cook a dish this way. You can see where this is going, huh?
Page 3 is where we find our plucky hero with a silly headset on using Skype to braise a pork roast in milk. I’d never used Skype before, Mama set it up for me. It uses a broadband connection to connect you to anyone around the world so you can talk for free. It’s a lot like using a 1940’s radio and transmitter. Or like I remember telephoning my grandparents in Kansas. You had to wait a moment for your voice to reach them or you’ll talk over them and get all screwed up. Alright, so anyway it was my turn on Food Operator.
Please be kind, this was my nearly my first time using Skype and I was as nervous as hell. I accidentally talked over Amelia at every turn and only had minimal prep. It’s how I am with studying. I have to say though, she knows what she’s doing and after listening to the production and editing, I am impressed. Thank you Amelia and surely F.O. will be nothing but fun and high adventure.
Go now: Dr. Biggles’ Arrosto Di Maiale Al Latte

2 thoughts on “BrrrrING, brring! This is the Food Operator, is Biggles there?

  1. Gosh, Biggs, What great Fun you are having! Imagine Food Operator! What an innovative idea and no one can see the splashes, mixed dashes or other rash behaviour that sometimes happen when cooking special recipes can become intense!