Knife Skills Class – Shuna Fish Lydon

Oh guess what, everyone? Shuna is coming back to town and this coming August 12th she’s hosting one of her famous knife skills classes. This is perfect timing too, just look around you. The markets are absolutely filled with seasonal fruits and happy vegetables. I’m sure you do quite well on your own making your way through those tender little bundles of flavor. But haven’t you always suspected there was a better way? A way to extract just a little more texture, something to make your mouth jingle?
Shuna is here and on the job. She’s taken the time for you all and share her knowledge and passion. And brother, or sister, she’s got both in vast quantities. In fact, her passion is infectious and soon you’ll be on the edge of your chair, with your hand up. It’s so great to have someone this close that can take the time to make sure you get what you came for, and more.
One of my favorite parts is close to the end of the class she does a hands on segment and shows everyone how to properly use a steel. A properly used steel in the kitchen is just as important as the knife is. Without it, your knife is a dull, dangerous thing that only gets in the way of your creations.
Knife Skills Class – Shuna Fish Lydon
Sunday August 12 Knife Skills Class 1 pm – 3:30 pm
North Berkeley, California

Here is the page with all the information to get you started.
Shuna’s School List

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