Head Colds & I’m in love with clouds

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Hi everyone and happy October! I’m on the trail ends of a dumb head cold and am still wacked out on cold medicine. My food related inspiration doesn’t exist at the moment and I have nothing in this arena to offer. I need to get muh stremfs back and choose a path to wander down. And then?
I’ve lived in the San Francisco Bay Area my entire life and I don’t remember seeing clouds like the ones I’ve seen for the last few months. The air here seems to be tons clearer than years past. The blues are bluer and the contrast, textures captivate me. Oh sure I’ve seen amazing clouds before. I’ve driven through Oklahoma in tornado weather, Kansas in the same. One year in Montana I was able to spend an entire July with daily thunderstorms. We just don’t get weather and clouds like that here. But I have to say, we’re kicking some serious cloud ass these days.
Want another?

Do you see what I’m talking about here?

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I’m seeing this stuff nearly every morning. As I’m driving out to lunch I have my nose pressed up against my wagon’s front window in total and complete awe. And yesterday as a rainstorm was heading in, I was getting images like this at 2:20 in the afternoon!
I love clouds.
ps – And oh by the way …

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13 thoughts on “Head Colds & I’m in love with clouds

  1. Glad you’re starting to feel better, Doc!
    I’ll agree with you on the clouds. We’ve got some beautiful ones in this part of Texas. They’re absolutely nothing like the ones I grew up with in California. but they’re all awe inspiring.

  2. You got this cold, too? I have had a hard time shaking it, such a bad one. Hope you feel better soon, and thanks for the pretty cloud pics.

  3. Ugh – me too (the cold) – I’m HATING it – I NEVER get sick.
    loving the clouds too – wish we had real thunderstorms but then I’d have to deal with my knack for leaving everything out because it never rains.

  4. My mom was talking about how cool the clouds were the other day. This would be over the phone because she seems to have a cold and I have no intention to get it.

  5. Those clouds — wow! Glad to see you back, Red Ryder………I used to go out at this time of year with my photographer hubband and sit and watch while he caught wild clouds. Sometimes we had to go way out roads in Napa to places where there were no obstructions, and always shoot from Mt. Tam. It’s a magical time of year — and you’re right: the clouds are spectacular this year.

  6. Yeah. It’s been lovely lately. What did you shoot mister puffy cloud photo with. I love the depth.

  7. Hey Everbody!
    Thank you and it is nice to feel the cotton leaving my head. Now it’s just as vacant as ever!
    Mrs., That’d be a Nikon D200 with the Nikkor 70-300 VR, no tripod this time. I had just dropped off Z and pulled in to the bart parking lot. Ripped off about 8 shots and ran away.

  8. I’m new to your blog (followed a link from Zoomie), but was immediately struck by your cloud photos. I also live in SF, and have been noticing the amazing clouds over the past couple of weeks. Breathtaking, and a nice distraction from Muni “fun” when I’m taking the bus home in the evening.

  9. Biggles, glad to hear you are feeling better. Yes, the clouds have been truly spectacular, even the ones on the day when it rained, huge formations that dwarfed the landscape, the city and even Mt. Tam! Cool photos!

  10. Yeah, we’ve been having some really great air quality conditions this year that have been coupled with early fall moisture. Perfect conditions for you to keep it up for a few more weeks I hope. Don’t worry about the food, I’ll bring stuff over to feed you if you can continue with such great pics……..damn!

  11. Aw, nuts. I tried taking some dawn photos, per your instructions, but I found out YOU CAN’T WIGGLE. I wiggle. Yucks-o.
    Your clouds are dreemy.

  12. Hey Everyone!
    Thank you so much for all the kind words. And am happy to hear other locals have noticed the same thing. The clouds are still as amazing today as they were days/weeks ago.
    Also, sorry for the lack of posts. I just don’t have the inspiration to cook. While I did do something this last weekend, the pictures are still in the camera. Oh, I’ll post it for sure. Lack of time and inspiration can sure take the wind out of blogging, for sure. Am doing fine and hope to be back very soon.
    xo, Biggles