Busy work work, busy work work, busy work work.

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Up at 5:30 am and way busy till after sun goes down. Weekends=chores and recharge mental powers. Repeat.
That being said, the sunrises the boys and I get to experience are world class. The above photograph I snagged early Tuesday morning. I see this site every morning as I slide down the overpass to work. My jaw dropped and grabbed my gear and braved the shaky 18′ ladder to sit on our roof to capture this moment. Then? I looked to the right and saw this.

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In the immortal words of Bob & Doug Mackenzie, “Beauty, eh?” Yeah, well it was time to climb back down that ladder and get to work. And then? I turned the other direction and grabbed this one.

if you please tap thine gull for a huge one
Fly away gull by the bay! Probably all dark meat anyway.

This one I took this morning, from the same area that most of my cloudy sunrises have been coming from. Looking eastward with Mt. Diablo just a tad to the left. These thick ass cloud/fog was HUGE and it went as far as I could see from right to left. It was an impenetrable wall and really the only time the sun came through was when it popped over the top (or a few little holes). Considering the time of year and California’s central valley lays in that direction, figured it’s Thule Fog? It was HUGE. I have to admit though, 10 minutes previous, when the sun was up but not visible, there was a pink/purple glow, for just a moment, through the bottom of this Wall of cloudy material. It was gone in just a few moments, wished I could have snapped that one.
OH, and what really made this all so neat to me was that THERE WASN’T ANY OTHER CLOUD ANYWHERE TO BE SEEN. Not even over there.
xo, Biggles

5 thoughts on “Busy work work, busy work work, busy work work.

  1. Did you know if you find a mouse in your beer,You can get free beer for life. Steamroller. Nice shots!

  2. All dark meat is why I’d even want to try some in the first place. But, I’ll take the camera shots instead anyday. ‘Specially that there GG bridge one, with the pampas grass. Like, damn!

  3. What am I doin’ in “wine country” surrounded by vineyards going into hibernation when I could be viewing fab scenes like yours!
    The GeeGee Bridge one is ultimate!
    I really like the morning shot of just bay, sun rising and reflecting on the water. That is a classic! Could be a painting! I’d like a hardcopy when you get a chance.
    Did anyone ever tell you, you could be a photographer! Ha-Ha, Don’ toss that cow pattie at me!

  4. Biggles, I have never seen that angle on the Trans A building and skyline, I don’t know where along the Richmond Bay you are shooting from. Wonderful. Beauty. Glad you are back to some health and how is your son? xoxjj