Sunset on November 12th at 4:47pm

Even in Richmond, at the right time of day or night, beauty can be found. One just has to look, really hard. I suggest you spend the time where you are, to do the same. It makes life that much sweeterer.

7 thoughts on “Sunset on November 12th at 4:47pm

  1. Well, what synchronicity — I was outside staring at the sky at the same time while I toted out the trash. I was amazed at the seasonal change in the sunset. Even nagging chores can make for meaningful experiences, sometimes. Thanks for inspiring us.

  2. I saw this exact sky too! one of the rare nights I came home before dark. and I looked at that sky, that dusk, and I thought, “I really hope someone else is looking up right now and noticing this exquisite sky.”
    You warm me, as always. x