Knife Sharpening Class with Eric E. Weiss

There are at least 2 kinds of people this time of year, in regards to buying/giving gifts. Some are brilliant, you know who they are. They know how to shop, they do it early and their choices are legendary. Then, there’s my type. Lousy, last minute shoppers who give gifts that just plain blow. This makes both of us feel like dirt for a while. How would you like an easy one? An absolutely awesome gift that for a little outlay will get you ‘in’ with the cool kids.
That’s right, buy your friend, lover, partner or spouse the gift of learning how to sharpen their own knives! Here’s the crutch though, you have to move on this one. Why? Because Eric’s next class is coming up this monday, December 10th. See? Shopping done!
Bring a few knives to sharpen and at least one that can take a lot of abuse.
Knife Sharpening Class with Eric E. Weiss
Location: Kitchen On Fire
1509 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94709
6:30 – 8:30

Again, you need to move on this one. Call today and secure your place of honor. After that, you may want to write down some questions that you’ve always wanted to know the truth about. Those rumors spread from nitwits at your local mega mart. Such as, don’t use a steel it prematurely wears down your knife. Come prepared and be on time.
ps – Am told that you can just actually show up on time and be allowed to attend, ain’t that cool? Make a date of it !!!

6 thoughts on “Knife Sharpening Class with Eric E. Weiss

  1. First I would have to get some knives worth sharpening. And no, I will not be asking for some as a gift this holiday season. Because I come from a long line of superstitious folks and that is one superstition that has stuck with me.

  2. Dang. I wish all my knives weren’t still stored. No kitchen until end of next week at the earliest. I’ll be lucky if I see the knives before Christmas. Have to catch him the next time. And I have plenty of questions, too.
    Thanks for the heads up, anyway!

  3. The superstition is that anything that can be used for cutting should not be given as a gift unless you plan on severing the relationship. And I have heard that giving a penny along with the gift (in a red envelope) will wipe out the negative energy but I’d like for someone else to try it out first.