good night to one and all – But Where’s Ted !?!

Wishing one a good morning or a good day, usually winds up with side-stepping. Nobody wants to know how you are or how your life is. So, I will always reply, “Excellent!”
It’s how I Is.
But Where’s Ted?
Man, I have the story to end all stories. Not only am I convinced I’m the only one, but surely he’s now also spreading the good word as well. I encountered Ted the other day, in a most amazing way. And here’s how it went …
I work in a glue factory. No really, we make glue. Fancy glue, really fancy stuff for people who restore anything wooden. 80 year old wooden boat? We have what you need. 80 year old home? We have the technology & products to supply. Been there for 18 years, I’ve seen many come and go.
The other day I came back with my lunch, probably some lameass somethingorother, parked my badass little blue wagon and entered my office. Within a phone call I needed to head down to the sales office for an invoice, pen and whatever else. Probably a dumb UPS price schedule letting our dear customer know that their over-night need would cost more than the product shipped. Long pause, and it turns out UPS Ground is a fine way to be. Sigh.
Opening the door I whipped in, and found Ted (Yes, “The” Ted) conversing with Creepy E (co-worker and longtime friend). Ted looked at me, I looked at Ted. The same words were spoken at the same time, “What the *uck are “Y”ou doing Here?”
That’s right folks, I had a Ted Sighting at my very own company, no shit. He was like, right there.

7 thoughts on “good night to one and all – But Where’s Ted !?!

  1. Bahahahaha!
    When I still rode horses my friends and I would always threaten the more belligerent ones with the glue factory if they didn’t shape up. Amazingly, it didn’t work. Maybe we should have had you pay them a visit, Mafia-style.

  2. Biggs, I know where your office is! I’ve been there more than once! The fact that “Ted” appeared there is not strange. Your office is strange, the plant across the street is more than strange–you know the one; the one with that humongous rocket shaped container that probably has enough octane to reach Jupiter! Even your parking area is strange! But, your vibes are great and your bbq-ing even greater! So, probably Ted got a whiff of your som’in-in-other lunch. Knowing you, it wasn’t an ordinary som’in-in-other!

  3. That’s a weird coincidence.
    Did you go out to the parking lot and take a picture of his truck? 😉

  4. MrsGuy,
    Ya know, I didn’t, and I should have, but didn’t. Mebbe next time, hey.
    Every sunset or sunrise shot I’ve posted is usally only minutes old, nothing more than 12 hours aged. Most people don’t see them either because they physically aren’t able, or are asleep or eating. I’ll pull over to the side of the road, or turn down the burners on the stove to catch me some sun action.
    xo, Biggles