Tut Tut, is it time? Do I plant anything now?

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Hooyah !!! I’m totally thinking ahead or at least on time. The soil is nearly ready and looking forward to a garden this year. In the past, I’m usually having these thoughts about midway through July. A little late, even I know that. But with our mild temperatures around here, rarely goes below 40F or above 75F, it worked out “okay”.
I’ll be heading over to Berkeley Hort here pretty soon, what should I be planting in late February? I gots no fricken idea.

12 thoughts on “Tut Tut, is it time? Do I plant anything now?

  1. Where the heck are you — Northern California? Here in Texas, I’ve got my tomato seedlings chugging along indoors waiting to go out the first week of March to hopefully produce some fruit before the fire from the sky kills everything by late June.
    In more moderate climates, you might still have time for lettuce, spinach, peas, garlic, onions, or even artichokes. If you really don’t expect it to freeze again, your options are wide open — tomatoes, squash, peppers, eggplant, etc. — although seeds aren’t going to germinate too well unless the ground is warm or you start indoors.
    Your nursery should know.

  2. Heh, I’m here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Um, yeah I know, the nursery should know. But it’s more fun taking pictures and asking you guys. My local nursery probably wouldn’t suggest planting cardoon, you would. Prolly too late for cardoon anyhow, sigh.
    Am searching for seeds that would get me a pork roast vine.

  3. Hey W.G.,
    Naw, pork is a nightshade, like a tomato. That’s why pork is so juicy, like a tomato. No, I think you’re switching the beef, it’s a tuber.
    And while typing that out, I had A Nightmare before Christmas music in my head. My psyche just took a wrench to the left. Oh god, now I have The Timewarp music in my head. It’s just a jump to the left … and a step to the right.

  4. From the sound of your last comment it’s time to get outside and clear the cobwebs from your brain!
    Don’t put any heat-lovin’ plants out yet. Maybe you can ease into it with some lettuces and it may be okay to put out some peas. Be careful about heavy rains still coming; they can drown babies.
    Nightmare Before Christmas was my grandsons’ favorite movie and I must have had to watch it a zillion times when they were around Tiny E’s age.

  5. I would just plant yourself on the couch, and wait two months before sticking anything in the ground. This happened last year. We had a strech of good weather and Bamm, two more months of rain.

  6. Get a growlight and start your pepper plants indoors. When they get 8 inches, start putting them outside on the porch when it’s warm. The wind makes their stems strong. Right before you plant them in the garden, bury fish six inches under where them base of the plant will be. If you can get mussel shells or clam shells, put those under the tomatoes, wash first. We plant around Good Friday in AR.

  7. Hey Dr B,
    I’m at your stage too – dug the garden over before the rain. I’m thinking tomatoes, tomatillas (ha), pepeprs, blue lake beans, eggplant, some greens – chard, mustard, collard and cilantro, basil, arugula. Got the grapes, the cherry, apricot and apple trees pruned too.
    For those feeling jealous – we only ever get the apples. Critters – two and four legged – get the other stuff before it is ripe. And much of the other crops either never get going because the rain stays too long or get fried when we get our 100 degree weather in July (I’m ten miles from Dr B and 20 degress hotter in Summer)