cool, wet, april, night

9:30pm, sun is down and the bedroom window is open. I removed the screen so I could get max flow of nose flavors. Fresh, wet, weeds, grass, bark, oil, traffic, calm, goodness with a touch of who knows.
The flavor from my bedroom window caused me to grab the tripod and the camera to this shot. Yes there are a few details, but suffice it to say I used a much moved flashlight to highlight the windmill against the barn. The barn is half-lit from the neighbor’s rear porch light. Other than that, this is out-of-camera action with all the late spring smells that give me the happy shivers.
Grab the one you’re with and make fun, it’s worth the effort.
xo, Biggles
ps – Color temperature rules.

3 thoughts on “cool, wet, april, night

  1. oh, what a fine photo! I LOVE the windmill! My SO has Kansas/Oklahoma roots and windmills are BIG for him. One of these days we’ll have one too. Our house sits on an old oil field (in the 30’s)….maybe we can strike it rich again. MMM….love the smells/sounds through the open windows.