Pollo Campero – El Salvadorean Fried Chicken

Last year I wandered in to Joya de Ceren and bought this little, tiny red box full of fried chicken. It was 10 bux for just a few pieces, and not freshly prepared. On the side was this little chicken made up like a cowboy with the words, “Pollo Campero” on the side. Country Chicken, that is. As near as I can dig up, it’s a chain of places dear to the hearts of our brothers and sisters down south. It’s a little slice of home and that, means a lot.
We ain’t got that here, so someone decided to make their own! And they live just down the street, oh yes.
Taqueria Las Americas has reopened and is now serving their own version!

It’s good, I liked it. The smell coming home was of caramelly, deep fried food. It reminded me of my mother’s shallow fried chicken in a cast iron skillet, good love. The meal is 6 dollars and comes with a great selection of sides. Chips, rolls, slaw, fries, salsa x2, crema, queso fresca and probably a few things I’ve forgotten. 3 pieces of fried chicken and all that for 6 bux? Count me in.
Las Americas
12929 San Pablo Avenue
Richmond, CA
Pupusas $1.25 – Deliciosas!
xo, Biggles

2 thoughts on “Pollo Campero – El Salvadorean Fried Chicken

  1. Next time My Beloved is away and I don’t feel like cooking just for myself, I’m there! Thanks for finding this!

  2. I am a little scared to go back there. I went last year and ordered a buritto. I paid in advance. While I was waiting there was a grease fire on the griddle. They put it out quick, but my food was still on the griddle . I hope it is new owners or cleaning the grill more often is practiced.