California Wild Fires – it smells smoky

For the last few days, the entire bay area and way, way beyond, smells smoky. Not like, “Oh wow, there must be a fire somewheres, cause I smell a grass fire.” We got hugeass fires all over the damned place, it’s insane. Hope for waft of fresh ocean breezes? No. It’s all smoke, all the time, for days. No respite here.
I was up and out of bed at 6:22 this morning, directly in to the shower. Dressed, chores and as I opened up the back door, walked through my outdoor kitchen to the back of the property and what do I spy? With my camera’s eye? This sun doing its best to rise, pretty dim for 7am, eh?

8 thoughts on “California Wild Fires – it smells smoky

  1. Hey Biggles,
    Yeah, the sky sure has been filled with smoke, hasn’t it? Can’t even go out for my usual daily walk – not good to breath in so much of that bad air.

  2. Yeah, I was okay on Sunday, even though the smoke smell woke me up early. Monday was okay too, but today? It ain’t so cool no mo’.

  3. I went to SF yesterday and was thinking on my drive down, “Man, it’ll be nice to get out of this smoke”. At least it was cooler than Sacramento. I think the heat and the smoke is just preparing me for India.

  4. For the past 5 days, here in Santa Rosa, the sky has been so gray I thought I was in L.A!
    Not only has the sky been gray, but the arid smell of smoke and burning wood has been equally strong. For this area, the environment is a drastic change, when normally, even if we have high temperatures in the uppper 90’s, at least the sky is clear, blue and there is no residual bad odor from anything.
    Sonoma County is receiving the smoke from the Mendocino fires. All we can say is we are very very sorry for those folks up there and really hope that no one has lost their home!