House of Beef – Oakdale California | Pork Belly Bacon !!!

Sunday morning, cool & overcast. Slight ocean breezes bring a brief respite from the hellish, smoky airs. A very low rumble begins from down the street, Thor Sr. approaches. He creeps ever so gently to Meathenge Labs, like only thunder can. This Thor Sr. is our neighbor, Mad Meat Genius. A bacon delivery is in progress, oh yes.

Now, with a mighty rowr, he’s gone. Leaving behind a porky treat from his trip to The House of Beef in Oakdale. Pretty damned cool delivery system, don’t you agree?
Fast forward to Tuesday at 6:30am and it’s time to fry that bacon. Preheat 14″ cast iron fry pan and slice the slab. Hey, it’s got the rind on! The smell of the uncooked product is clean, with a very small hint of sweetness. I filled the pan, decided to cook it a little hard. The rind will cook to a pork cracklin’ crunch perfection. And given Ms. Goofy’s review of it being a light smoke, light cure, cooking it for a while made sense. This’ll bring out every ounce of flavor it can muster.
Low heat, take your time. Flip, turn and rearrange. The meat to fat ratio seems to be good and the smell coming from the pan was certainly of baconny origins.
Once ready, pat dry in paper towels and observe, sniff.
Bite, chew, crunch, taste. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bacon with so little smoke (none detected) or cure (none detected). The meat is good, very good in fact. Buuuut, what I eat bacon for wasn’t there. The boys each grabbed and ate a piece, but didn’t return for seconds. I had another few slices, just to see.
I’d like to try another portion from them in a few months to see if this is their standard, I’m not quite seein’ it.
House of Beef
201 North 3rd Ave.
Oakdale, California, 95361

8 thoughts on “House of Beef – Oakdale California | Pork Belly Bacon !!!

  1. Also, check any commercial processes. Not sure where you’re at, but in my neck o the woods (Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the…. whatever), there are several small business meat processors (aka meat packers)… whatever they’re called in your region, that’s a goooood place to start. I searched the entire town of Tulsa and outlying areas (dat’s almost half a million people…) and struck out. I looked a little farther away and found a place just a scant 20 miles up the road that had exactly what I wanted at around $2.60 a pound.
    It pays to look…. dat’s fer shure.

  2. Just found your blog via I’m Mad and I Eat.
    I’m lovin’ it – almost as much as I love bacon. Because as you well know, it’s almost impossible to love anything more than bacon.