meat of the week wrap up

Not anywhere near every meal is postworthy, nor is it noteworthy. However, if it was memorable and the photographs came out, that just squeaks by my meat-radar. Sure, I was going to try to use, MeatDar. But that sounded really dumb.
All the meat this week was purchased from the Grocer of the Year, Omar of Joya de Ceren, Richmond California. First up we have these fine pork chops. Yeah, they’re cut pretty thin, it’s the Latin way. So, for 1 adult and 2 boys I bought 5. MmMmmm, 5.
Tucked away in the corner is a load of El Salvadorean rice, cooked in butter and chicken broth. Oh yeah, and some steamed broc. The rice is so plump, so tender and full of flavor even without the butter and broth, it’s the best white rice I’ve ever had. While thin, the pork chops turned out really well. There was enough fat and I didn’t cook them very long. Preseasoned with salt is all, SEAR.
#2 this week was a rather large, yet happy tritip beef roast. We arrived home later than usual and didn’t have much time to get this one rolling. In fact, we ate about 30 minutes later than usual. That’s okay, I jacked the oven to 400 and preheated the cast iron skillet with a trivet underneath.
The fat was still on the roast, thank you Omar! I cross-hatched it with a sharp knife. Poured in extra virgin, salt, pepper, fresh rosemary & lemon zest.
I think it only took about 45 minutes or so to cook to a bare medium rareish. I should have checked it at 35 or 40 minutes. Even so, there was enough pink for me to enjoy. Man, beef can go from perfection to boot in no time flat.
The tritip was just as expected, tender, toothy, rich with beefy flavors and the citrus really drove home the action. The only thing that would have made it better would have been maybe 3 bacon rosettes perched up top. And gravy. Gravy or ‘sauce’ (the low calorie cousin, wink-wink) would have dotted the i’s.

11 thoughts on “meat of the week wrap up

  1. OKAY! You can’t fool me! I see a something masquerading as a pork chop looking really much like a “cluck-cluck” leg! What gives with that? Except that it looks positively delicious and I could reach right into this screen and grab it for myself!

  2. Lovely pictures 🙂
    If the fat was left on, what’s the function of the olive oil?
    Just curious.

  3. That tri-tip looks fantastic. For some reason big hunks of beef roast intimidate me, even though I roast a chicken a couple times a month unfazed and I hear it’s about the same amount of planning and effort. But seeing yours makes me want to give it a whirl!

  4. Hey Everyone!
    Jones, I like my camera too. I take it with me everywhere I go.
    BB, Good to see you!
    Mrs. Guy, Hmmmm, while the fat on top is damned important, you bet. The extra virgin mingles with the herbs & spices and allows it to really distribute the flavors all over the damned place. See, if the rosemary is left alone, naked, it just sits there or falls off. With the extra virgin, distribution & glue.
    Hi P & P, Beef intimidates people because it can be fussy, depending on the cut. For the most part, 1 minute you have the best ever meal, 10 minutes later? It could very well become a beef boot. Gotta at least try!

  5. I just took a bite out of my computer screen. It was not tasty. I’m sure the beef would have been.

  6. Mmm….looks great! I just spent a week at some health retreat, eating nothing but raw fruits and vegetables. I lost ten pounds and got a tan, but what do you think was the first thing I ate when I cam home around lunchtime today? S-T-E-A-K.

  7. Great, I needed a recipe for the leftover tri-tip and I’ll test my skills tonight. You are inspiring!XOXJJ