Tofu Yu – Deli / Cafe – Organic & Vegetarian – El Cerrito California

Whoa, whoa whoa, hold on there Tex. I’m a complex man and I got my reasons for posting this. Just hang on a moment and give me a chance. Besides, the damned place ain’t even open yet.
Some of you may or may not know, it could very possibly be, a vegetarian dish could be worth eating. Even enjoying, no really. Remember, a large percentage of the world’s population eat vegetarian. The deal is tho’, they have many dishes per meal, not just one plate o’ shrimp.

Another fine point you may or may not be aware of, my part of the East Bay Area isn’t exactly an amazing array of world-class restaurants & markets. In fact, 20 years ago it could have been described as a wasteland. One with murders, bullets, heroin addicts on bikes, 24 hour heliocopters and enough gang members to rank us on the top 10 in the US.
Well, okay we still have all that and more (in Richmond, we’re next door to E.C. though). Good stuff has been leaking my way and I spy a new addition! Tofu Yu on San Pablo Avenue in El Cerrito (Richmond is right over there) in the Jay Vee strip mall at the bottom of Moser Lane. This is my first reason for posting this news. If we can get a small group of people who truly care about their product and their customers, count me. We have good people rolling in to the area such as Timber of Catahoula coffee and Omar of Joya de Ceren Market. Good, thoughtful people are showing up and making a statement. Our city totally doesn’t suck !!! Even if it doesn’t include meat. I suppose.
The second reason I wanted to stop by and perch myself atop my soapbox is this. Oddly enough, I learned early on that when a vegetarian meal is properly done, and yet done right, it’s more than edible and downright wonderful. Trust me, it’s hard for me to admit this. And let me justify it thusly; add a batch of fried chicken, add a grilled ribeye steak or a country fried steak? Oh mama !!!
See, good vegetarian cooking is put together so the textures and flavors all come together just right for an entire meal. It stands on its own for goodness. So, when you add that load of smoked brisket you get something that’s absolutely perfect.
Keep in mind, I haven’t practiced this method in more than a raccoon’s age. I know it to be true though and will keep an eye out on Tofu Yu and their side dishes. I’ll need something to go with my pork spines.

9 thoughts on “Tofu Yu – Deli / Cafe – Organic & Vegetarian – El Cerrito California

  1. I’m keeping an eye on this place too! It’s right next to my favorite place to get bento gear and Pocky so I’ve been seeing the signs for a few months now. It would be great if we didn’t have to leave El Cerrito for a good meal.

  2. Hi Wendy!
    That’s Yao Yao San? My spelling might be off, but yeah. That little market rules. I have to drive from Richmond to there to find Panko Bread Crumbs.
    xo, Biggles

  3. You are so funny Doctor. You eating Tofu!
    Catahoula is a killer coffee house and they support local stuff. Omar is the killer butcher and a he has a great store. Tofu, are you all right. Tofu does not have meat. They may be local, but do they have meat?
    I think, because, you live so close to Berkeley that you have lost your mind.” “it’s more than edible and downright wonderful” You almost set your kitchen on fire the other day. We can help! Please reach out. There are people that care about you!!

  4. You have at last become a “true believer”! Welcome, Brother, to the world wide community of “Veggie-dom.” I suspect it will take you a while to become a real convert though and many visits to the confessional for having fallen back to the old ways of Que-ing pork beast chops, ribs, roasts and ears. Especially ears! Nothing more delicious than an intense broccoli stir fry and pork ears! Check it out!

  5. I thought you posted this because “tofu” is a four-letter word, and… the restaurant’s name ends in “Yu.”
    But, you know? Wanna meet there when it opens?

  6. Yeah! Yao Yao San is great. Lots of fun little treats there. I was talking about Ichiban Kan though — the dollar store that’s right next door.
    I love me some Ichiban Kan.

  7. We’ve been dreading those open doors for sometime now. I don’t believe that FuYu joint is ever gonna open. Come on! Tofu Lattes??? I can feel the heartburn now.
    –squirp– Ugh, that came right out my nose.

  8. Be careful, too much tofu will give you man-boobs. Meat (properly raised without hormones and pesticides) won’t.