USS Hornet – Alameda, CA – OH Biggles …

Oh Biggles, don’t you cook anymore?
Um, no. No I don’t, only run the dishwasher once a week or so. Mostly full of cups, flatware and a whisk or two. Been up to other things and food hasn’t been a part. Don’t sweat it though, I’ll be back and am eating well in spite of not cooking.
Guess where I went Saturday morning? The USS Hornet at Alameda Point (old Naval base & home to St. Georges), that’s where. I knew the Red Oak was in Richmond, just needed to get off my ass and get down there. But I had no idea that Alameda housed a real aircraft carrier. Much less an aircraft carrier museum!
It ain’t cheap though, not like the Red Oak. This one is 14 bux per adult to get in and you must be led about by a docent. No wandering around on your own to stick your nose in here and in there, pull this and open that. Which is fine, it’s a dangerous place and you don’t want to die er nothin’. Especially when you pay 14 bux to do it. It kinda reminds me of the Winchester Mystery House. A huge place with tiny rooms & even smaller walkways.
If you’re interested in visiting, check out the link above. And if you’re interested in the history surrounding the Hornet, go for it. I’m not going to pretend as though I’m someone I’m not, this would be an American history buff. I know how to build a fire and cook food over it. History to me is a fire pit filled with pork rib bones and beer cans scattered about.
Here are a few snapshots of the USS Hornet I took along the way. And yes, that’s an escalator. It goes from the flight deck down a few levels. I spose the pilots were all woozy from flying and needed a safe way to descend to rest. And the cool exposure was a “mistake”. I had my camera all set from a small studio shoot I did Friday morning. It was after this shot I sat down for a bit and reset all the dials, buttons and menu choices.

4 thoughts on “USS Hornet – Alameda, CA – OH Biggles …

  1. My daughter loves swing dancing on the deck of the Hornet, which happens now and then when they have special public evenings. She does the whole thing with proper Forties clothes and hairdo. Fun to see her dressed like her grandmother!

  2. Wow… had NO idea this was there. Been to the Bay area numerous times, most recently last summer. This is one I would’ve loved to go see. Definitely goes on the list of places to visit next time.
    Last trip was with my oldest when she graduated High School. Pretty much did whatever she wanted to do, although she did let me take a detour to Point Reyes one day. She pretty much let me go along to pay for stuff and be the tour guide, since I’d been there 7 or 8 times before, and knew where most of the tourist stuff is.
    Was kinda funny… we went in August, and it’s usually hotter than the hubs of hell around here. Got off the airplane and it was about 75 degrees. Had to love that. Took a day trip to San Jose to see the Winchester house, and jeez louise… I bet it was 100+ in the shade. It was even hot down Monterey way.
    Good photography Doc… hope all is well.

  3. The Hornet is a pretty cool place to visit. I’ve been on many of these type of ships that are moored in assorted areas of the Bay (except the Jeremiah O’Brien) due to my dad being a big nerd about this kind of thing. He even spent some time as a volunteer on the Hornet museum before he moved to Texus.