Ith Pretty

For the year of 2008, as many know, I just mowed my garden with a 6.75 hp, gas powered mower. I didn’t/don’t have the time and the water rationing put the lid on the coffin. So what! Throughout this year I’ve received fruits, vegetables and root things from tons of nice people. Pears, zucchinis, bacon, maters, apples, garlic …, uh and others.
Ain’t gifts just the best?
ps – Didn’t have enough dumb words to fill the space, really wanted to share the pretty garlic that Big D gifted me the other day. Ith Pretty.

5 thoughts on “Ith Pretty

  1. There’s something about simplicity in a photograph that makes it that much more appealing. You really have a good eye for both the composition and lighting.
    Now imagine that garlic all chopped up simmering in some olive oil and onions waiting to mix it up with some spaghetti.
    We don’ need no steenkin sgetty sauce.

  2. Jeff,
    Thank you sir! And I don’t have to imagine, I will do.
    Bacon plants? I ain’t got none, prolly Chilebrown has a few dozen I’ll betcha.

  3. @cookie… I’ve never tried it, but I’ve heard that those spaghetti squash aren’t bad…
    So, see, you CAN grow b’sghetti.