Cavallo Point Cooking School Hosts – Hooves & Tales: A two day celebration of sustainable meat

Whoa! What’s Meathenge posting about such a fancy schmancy place such as Cavallo Point Cooking School for? I mean, they are the cream of the crop. What gives?
You’re right, I don’t normally find myself in such company. However, as it turns out a long-time friend Kelsie Kerr is heading up their culinary department. She had a few questions, I supplied some possible photographs and thought it might be fun to do a post here. Who is Kelsie? She is an amazing woman & highly skilled chef, kind, inspired with a crystal clear vision, and has worked in some pretty amazing places over the years. Ever heard of Zuni Cafe in San Francisco? Yeah, she was a chef there. Cafe Rouge in Berkeley saw her laying the very foundation of what it is today. Chez Panisse was lucky enough to have her in the kitchen for quite a few years. I remember sitting (half snoozin’) on the sofa watching the food network. I thought I heard a familiar voice and looked up to see her preparing some fishy dish with Bobby Flay, go Kelsie !!! After her stay at Chez P., she began a very successful private chef and instructor gig. Have the most important dinner coming up and need someone this good in your kitchen? Kelsie’s your chef.
Now? Yeah, right back where we started. She’s the director at the Cavallo Point Cooking School. Gosh Kelsie, is there anything you can’t do?
But wait, it gets better, no really. Hunker down here and have a listen. Okay, so you know the topic of the class, right? Yeah, yeah. But do you know who she’s recruited as instructors? David Evans of Marin Sun Farms and … and … and the most awesome meat loving pair of all time, Taylor & Toponia of Fatted Calf !!!
Okay, take a deep breath, I’m all giddy. That’s right, this is a world-class happening folks and you need to do whatever it takes to get yourself a spot in this prestigious class. It ain’t going to happen again, this is it. It ain’t cheap, but it’d be worth anything you can do to get yourself a spot.
Please click through for the details.

Hooves & Tales: A two day celebration of sustainable meat.
Discussions, demonstrations and hands-on cooking classes with David Evans of acclaimed Marin Sun Farms and Taylor Boetticher and Toponia Miller from award winning Fatted Calf Charcuterie
Saturday and Sunday 2/28-3/1
David Evans starts the weekend off with a discussion of pasture raised meat: its health benefits, environmental merits and delicious flavor. Then the cooking begins; learn about the lesser known cuts of beef and the best methods for preparing them, watch a professional butcher break down a goat, and taste chicken the way it’s meant to taste. Taylor and Toponia continue the meat fest, teaching you about the different parts of the pig and how they turn them into cured salumi and charcuterie. Discover how easy it is to make fresh sausage and pate. Over the two days you will learn how to select, butcher, season, and cook a variety of meats, discuss the curing of different salumi and make fresh sausage and pate, all while dining on tasty meals and sipping delicious wines.
Day rate is $450 per person. If you want accommodations, $750. Call for details: 1-888-651-2003.
kelsie kerr . cooking school director
cavallopoint . the lodge at the golden gate
601 murray circle . fort baker . sausalito, ca 94965
tel 415-339-4779 . fax 415 339 4796 .
check out our website for schedules and information

6 thoughts on “Cavallo Point Cooking School Hosts – Hooves & Tales: A two day celebration of sustainable meat

  1. Hey Joe bob,
    What pics? Oh those, sitting on my computer at home and located throughout Meathenge, mostly from the Oxbow posts I’ve done.
    Yeah huh. She’s happily married with a great daughter, I ain’t in that loop pally boy.

  2. Hey Greg,
    Yeah, that is a lot of money. However, it’s coming from a cooking school that’s akin to the fine art version. Not only that, they have local, beloved stars doing the instructing. This won’t happen again. Cavallo is producing and giving you the full version here, it’s the best and worth it. This is a local happening, something special!