Inside the “lemon”

Can you tell I used a tripod and UV balanced studio lighting? Mebbe, just wanted you to know this isn’t something I just walked by and snapped a few off. The contrast and detail isn’t possible without pod & lighting.
Along with yesterday’s still life post, here’s the inside. Jlee sent me an link to the Buddha’s Hand, I don’t think this is it. Chilebrown has an entire tree devoted to that citrus. Mac put up that it’s a fruit fly and to check for webbing. While I did find a few things in there, I got no idea what’s going on.
It smells like lemon, tastes like lemon, but doesn’t look like lemon. Lydia, I think the stuff you’re seeing at the market is a real Buddah’s Hand. Mines is a freak of my very own nature.
xo, Biggles

5 thoughts on “Inside the “lemon”

  1. It’s a time past that I had a lemon tree with the same lovely anomaly ,today, I checked my garden notes from then, and found it wasn’t a fly but citrus bud mite infection…. they lay eggs in the bud, which then mandalas off in creative directions…lemons still edible and photoramic to boot…less juice, more peel, more amusement…IF your not a commercial grower! \

  2. Hey Lydia,
    There were actually 2 on the tree when I picked it.
    Thank you so much! The tree has always been at odds with life. I bought it probably 11 years ago and it’s moved in pots and been transplanted a few times. The pith has always been so thick I’ve only ever used the zest. Only within the last year have I received a “normal” lemon from it. Then, last year during a huge rain downpour, it fell 45 degrees to one direction. So, now it’s growing at an angle, giving me odd shaped fruit. Neat.

  3. This is just neat. I came across this while doing a search of “still life” as it is a project in my Photography class; so I just had to comment and say Nice!

  4. Hi Lyle,
    Thank you very much! That was a fun shot, I remember that one. For me, doing the still life works best when I have a tripod so I can futz with the arrangements and lighting. Use mirrors to bounce light in!
    xo, Biggles