Pepper Rub Country Style Pork Perfection of Love

Doh ! I cooked this about a month ago and it’s been one of the posts waiting in the wings. Yeah, it’s like that and I have more than just a few.
I been so tired of the chile powder, paprika and the likes. I’ve had so much over the years which is why I’ve been using mostly good kosher salt to marinate my meat in lately. A while back Eric the Knife Guy and his lovely wife Janet gifted me some spice blends from Oregon Spiceman. This particular blend is their Pepper Rub. Black pepper, white pepper, sweet basil, garlic powder and salt. Sounds good and smells even better.
I had a good load of fancy pork country style ribs from Ted of Highland Hills, it was time. Brought down the trusty clay cooker, sliced up an onion, too much garlic, rubbed the meat 2 hours before, installed enough chicken broth, and slid it in to a cold oven set to 400 degrees. I probably even soaked the clay cooker a bit, like you’re supposed to.
Pull when pully aparty, pull when broth is rich in flavor and texture. Probably around the near 3 hour mark.
How was it? The fancy pork and its flavors pulled right through, so tender, so juicy in its own perfection. But the clean bite of the pepper delivered to my waiting gullet everything I was looking for. The onions brought to the table a sweetness, the garlic rounded out all the flavors with a husky bellow. The pepper rub was a delight and packed a slight punch, tilted my head with complex flavor thinking. It wasn’t something I could serve the boys with their “tender” (read: undeveloped) palate. But brother, or sister, this juicy delectable is absolutely divine poured over a more than heaping pile of buttery mashed taters, even perfect for a mid July festival.

6 thoughts on “Pepper Rub Country Style Pork Perfection of Love

  1. Bigun….
    Who said it has to be complicated?
    Cooked some duck breast ‘steaks’ in the frying pan with just salt and pepper the other day. OMG..
    90% knowing, 10% luck.
    Nice work young man.

  2. Ummmmmmmmmm!
    I am salivating! Just keep on keepin’ on with your “R and D” in the cuisine! Every time you discover a winner, that is a winner for all of us!
    PS: For adults, this meal will go very well with a light red merlot! My choice, my comment.

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  4. Holy shit…that looks so good! Ill have you know that you pretty much ruined my lunch- tuna salad pales in comparison to what you’re cooking up here. Regardless…thank you, you just motivated me to pick up some pork for dinner on a day where nothing sounded good food-wise.