M.A.S.H. 4077th – What was Hawkeye, Trapper John & Ferret Face’s abode’s name?

You’re correct! “The Swamp” is the answer and the name of their tent where they spent a few seasons before Winchester showed up. In any case, they lived in a tent named The Swamp and I live IN a swamp.
I’m still dealing with high-moisture content in my home and a pretty nasty mold situation. I’ve got about 90% of it taken care of. I removed the last remaining carpet in the house, it was in the boy’s room. 10 years of little boy use and it was more than time. It wasn’t good and spent more than a week scrubbing furniture and applying an anti-mold growth formula my boss came up with. I bought another dehumidifier (this makes 2 now) and a hygrometer to give me an idea as to what room needs dire attention at what time. It’s been a nightmare to say the least and Tiny E is still suffering.
My only solace has been permitting weather to allow me to grill dinner every night for the last 3 days. The smell of the wood, the hickory, to enjoy the flavors of simple, grilled food. It’s all I have at the moment and I simply do not have any time or inspiration for Meathenge at the moment. Know what I mean, Vern? Yeah, it’s like that.
Hoist a cool one for us, fry some bacon with love. We’ll be back in and online here pretty soon.
xo, Biggles

10 thoughts on “M.A.S.H. 4077th – What was Hawkeye, Trapper John & Ferret Face’s abode’s name?

  1. Major bummer! I hope it abates, too. Our neighbors had water problems but got a “French drain,” and that seems to have helped. Hang in there!

  2. Hey Ricki,
    Holy moly! That recipe just screams, COOK ME !!!!!!
    Hey Zoomie,
    Yeah, just got a great estimate on the french drain. Due to the fact I’m on the flat lands and the grade of my lot, I need a sump system as well. All told it comes to about 3300 bux, I don’t have it!
    So, it’s back to the machines.
    xo, Biggles

  3. I seem to recall that the swamp had a still inside it and it dispensed martinis on a regular basis. Sounds like you need one of those, too! Ouch! Why all of a sudden? Have you had this problem before? Maybe it’s just the years when all the rain arrives at once?

  4. Ahem, my swamp actually dispenses nearly the same swill!
    It used to be that it was only in my bedroom, once a year. Just clean and be done with it. But this year it was really bad because of more rain, the exhaust fan in the bathroom was clogged a bit and I added a 55 gallon fish tank earlier last year. Doh!
    Tiny E is still suffering and it’s pretty darned clean in there. I need to vacuum the dust off the tall shelf in his room and bought some new egg-crate foam for their mattresses. So, we’ll see tonight how it goes.

  5. Ah the joys of home ownership.
    Lsst fall I was all set to buy a new motorcycle and my freaking furnace crapped out.
    I’m getting one this spring come hell or high water.

  6. Hey Greg,
    Man, if I could buy a new motorcycle and solve my problem, I’d do it in a second!
    Yeah, and last night installed Tiny E’s new egg-crate foam action and there was no change this morning. Washed all his bedding too.

  7. Maybe you could leave one room in the back for the mold. You could make you own blue cheese. Take a tube sock and stuff with raw hamburger and hang from sealing. Presto, Chango, Salami. Goodluck.