A Mystical Appearance – Tilapia

Alright picture this, it’s Saturday and it’s nice outside. No place to be, no responsibilities. Perfect for watching TV and taking naps, agreed? Agreed. Later in the afternoon I had a few cool, refreshing beverages and fell asleep watching a movie on my computer, in my bedroom.
A while later I heard someone at the front door knocking, gave it no mind and went back to sleep. Not only did I not care, was too snuggly and happy, didn’t want anyone ruining my trip.
Cut to Sunday morning to find 3 pounds of Tilapia fish, fat ones too, in my fridge. Along with a good sized bottle of good hot sauce on the dishwasher. I may have had a few drinks, but in no damned way did I go shopping for fish and hot sauce!
Nope, Creepy E had gone shopping, he mentioned something about getting me some on his next trip. But I never expected him to come in through the unlocked front door and install the goodies in my fridge while I was napping! But that’s exactly what he did, thank you! Score.
xo, Biggles

8 thoughts on “A Mystical Appearance – Tilapia

  1. Awesome. Creepy E got some creep to him. Was just reading about these fishes and their role in aquaponics. Wonder where yours came from. Gonna grill?

  2. Hey Kailyn,
    Yeah, I dunno, usually don’t give it much thought. Sometimes my car is unlocked as well. You’d think I lived in Montana er somethin’.
    xo, Biggles

  3. Hey Zia,
    Actually, I have them and just need to get them up. They’re really good, are you really sure you want to see them?
    xo, Biggles