Way Out West BBQ Championship in Stockton California

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Woo hoo !!! This coming Saturday is another semi-local BBQ Championship coming up where me, Chilebrown and his wife get to spend the late morning and early afternoon judging que. It’s a Kansas City Barbecue Society sanctioned event and we’re KCBS sanctioned BBQ judges.
Everyone needs to come out and spend the day, it’s never a day for just watching people cook. There’s tons of other vendors and events wrapped around the cooking. It’s a family situation always and enjoyed by small, tall, short, fat or skinny. Come out and spend the day at the Way Out West BBQ Championship in Stockton California.
You heard it here first at Meathenge, we’ll be there judging and enjoying.
xo, Biggles

9 thoughts on “Way Out West BBQ Championship in Stockton California

  1. When you live in the California, a variation on the old saying rings true:
    “The more East you go, the more West(ern) you are”
    (apologies to the state of Florida, where the further North you go, the more you are in the South)

  2. Hey Bill!
    You been up in the sticks for too long. Me thinks you should put on your clothes and come to town from time to time.
    xo, Biggles

  3. how was the judging? i had my own pork fest this weekend. all indoor cooking though, too lazy for the smoking and whatnot. really really good. some baby backs. some spare ribs, some shoulder for pulled pork sammies. had a few people in near tears over the ribs. was embarrassed by the praise. jk. i loved every lickityspit of praise tossed my way. hope you chose the best in your judging and got to sample some yum yums. xo norah (mama ceres)

  4. Hay Mama,
    It was a fun day, plenty of happy people enjoying themselves. Dang, sounds like you really pulled out the stops, as if there were any. Oddly enough, I just took naps and watched movies, wonnerful. Going to smoke a slab of spares today for dinner. Raley’s had them on sale, 8 bux for a large one!
    xo, Biggles