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Last week Chilebrown of Madmeat Genius offered up a new place in Berkeley for some tempura fare, he mentioned Tempura Cheese Pizza. Yup, it’s like that.
He and Ms. Goofy (his wife) stopped by at noon on Saturday to haul my lazy ass out of the house and on a food adventure. I figured downtown Berkeley, noon, on a Saturday would be something of a snarl for traffic & parking. Traffic caused us to hit the back streets, but parking was right around the corner. We entered!
Sumo Grub is nice, clean, cute and had a handful of tables for in-house dining. The menu to the left was done on a chalk board, it was laid out well, very legible. Under burgers they have their 1/4 lb Angus beef and something called, “Vegan Meat”, I thought that was very cool. The woman running the front was exceptionally kind, helpful and cheery. The best part though? Is that they have a backyard for outside seating! It was awesome! Loved it.
The prices are exceptionally affordable, probably due to the location directly across the street from Berkeley High. So, ordering a bunch of goodies is of no concern for those of us that haven’t attended such a school for 30+ years. I ordered a cheese burger with onion rings, tempura mac & cheese and bottled water.
I really liked the onion rings, but the burger fell short. The poor beef patty was cooked beyond its life expectancy. But after meeting the owner and chef, I’m sure he’s working out the kinks and won’t hold that against him. I was the one that ordered a burger in an Asianny restaurant. Other than that, the bun was absolutely stellar along with the lettuce, and the green fleckled sauce stuff.
Here’s a shot of Chilebrown’s Chicken, Apple Sausage Tempura.
Here’s the Tempura Mac & Cheese. I’m a hard core mac and cheese guy, if it ain’t a home made southern mac & cheese, I’m not interested. I should be reviewing on its own merit, but I can’t.
When we were nearly done with our lunch, Chilebrown got up and ordered us a Tempura Heart Attack for dessert, it serves 3? This would be Tempura Oreos, Twinkies and ice cream.
I really liked the Oreos and the ice cream, the Twinkies were good. The owner really knows how to Tempura anything. This was the piece of resistance, what really tied it all together. The bread crumbs varied from item to item.
To sum it all up, Sumo Grub really shines in a few areas and I will go back to try some more dishes that compliment his skills.
Sumo Grub
2235 Milvia Street, at Kittridge
Open Monday through Saturday from 11am until “The freaks come out”
Closed on Sunday
xo, Biggles

9 thoughts on “Sumo Grub – Berkeley California

  1. You and Chilebrown have dueling blogs! Que music and let the games begin. I am thinking that mac and cheese may be illegal in Berkeley.

  2. I’m with you on the mac and cheese, though you couldn’t pay me to eat a twinkie in any state. I have had a whole tempura’d avocado. Not bad! In any event, specialty places like Sumo Grub just don’t exist in D.C., (but if you want cupcake shops, we got more than we need). Once again I’m left to envy you living in the food mecca of the U.S. of A.

  3. For diehard afficionados of forbidden foods, Sumo Grub sounds like the place! I can just hear the Quiznos TV baby gurgling, “Uh-uh-UH-uh-uh!”

  4. I don’t eat a lot of deep fried/tempura (I’ll let you two figure it out) but when I do, it would be a binge like this. You guys have me in the mood for some deep fried pickles.

  5. i am with chris…fried pickles!! hello! my southern bell roots (however shallow there are) are loving that! i had them only once, in p’cola, florida about 16 years ago.
    this tempura place sounds interesting..

  6. ps i ordered “princess pamela”!! i am so excited!!!!
    thanks again for helping me to see it was possible to find a copy. i have even fantasized that i will buy back the copy my evil mother dontated to charity years ago!
    xo norah (mama ceres)

  7. Wow some of those dishes look so tasty! Would really like to try the Tempura Mac & Cheese, maybe next time i’m in Cali.