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    • Hey Mike,
      I didn’t post one because I didn’t want to infringe on Judy Rosenberg’s recipe. I really suggest you find the book I used, Rosie’s All-Butter Fresh Cream Sugar-Packed No-Holds-Barred Baking Book by Judy Rosenberg. We’ve made more than a half dozen recipes from the book and all have been a complete home run. I found it used for less than 10 bux at abebooks dot com. Oh yeah !!!
      xo, Biggles

  1. Absolutely! The apple cake recipe is so fricken easy and perfect in every way. From prep, baking to taste, texture and luscious goodness!

    Try the lemon cake cookies, lemon heaven! Sour cream chocolate cake? Wow! And she’s got my 4th chocolate chip recipe that I’ve tried over the last year and it’s the best so far. Plus, along with the recipes she gives noob bakers the how to, the why and how to do it a little differently next time. Make so much sense and answered a few questions along the way.
    xo, Biggles

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