Kevin D. Weeks of Seriously Good – a little memorial

It’s a guess, but I think I first met Kevin probably 5+ years ago here on Meathenge.  He was an attentive comment poster, usually had something pertinent to add or just to give 2 thumbs up. I quickly followed him to his own Seriously Good cooking blog. I hung out on there frequently, it was a welcome place full of all the meaty goodness. We actually spent some time on the phone late at night exchanging stories about both food and computer related technology.  We’d been working in it for so long he actually got my joke about those pesky RLL drives versus the MFM ones.  I knew our future wouldn’t last forever, early on he mentioned his internal organs weren’t as they should be.  He’d be passing in the next handful of years, but not once did I ever notice that get in the way of living for today.  Although he did say that spending time on the phone with me greatly cheered him up and enjoyed the laughter that didn’t come so easily.  The feeling was mutual.

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Earlier this year I noticed that his food blog fell silent, the wrong kind of silent.  Well, today I found his blog gone and an entry on the internet announcing his passing on April 5th, 2012.

You were well loved and respected Kevin, I and surely everyone you came in to contact with wish you well in your journey and miss you dearly.

xo, Guy

18 thoughts on “Kevin D. Weeks of Seriously Good – a little memorial

  1. It’s shocking, isn’t it? He used to flirt with me (I like to think). I didn’t know he was “dying,” as he put it, so I was really thrown when the end came. Can atheists send blessings?

    • Kevin walked me through my first Gastrique, perfection from the beginning. Athiests can do anything they please, that’s the cool part.

      Yup, he knew how the timeline was going and it was pretty well laid out for him. Sigh.

      xo, Biggles

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  3. The thing about good food bloggers is their love of the craft of cooking.

    That is why Seriously Good was on my bookmark list when I got a hankering to go reading people who’s work I respected.

    Thank you Kevin D. Weeks for making the world a better place.

    Requiescat in pace.

  4. Man I miss Kevin. I can still hear his “Hey girl!” – best opening to “business meetings” (A Year in Bread) ever. Sad to see the site disappear. I tried to scrape it (got part) and have reached out to his family to see if I can get to the content. He made me a “kitchenMage sandwich” and I was honored.

    Thanks for the memories of Kevin…and the impetus to wander by. Long time, no meander.


  5. Thanks for sharing this. I am sorry to hear he is gone. His family had a tough run with his parent’s and his own health problems. I really liked his blog.

  6. That does suck. I used to follow his site pretty closely when I first got into this blogging thing a few years back. He really knew his stuff. RIP Dude.

  7. Hi Biggles,

    All of your food looks sooo yummy. drool!

    A few years ago you gave me the name of someone who knows 1940’s O’Keefe & Merritt Stoves well. I may have some type of low undetected leak or something and need someone who will take a deep look to see what the problem may be. I’m in SF and would appreciate it if you can recommend someone above average to do the work. She’s a pretty old gal.

    Thanks, Stovey G.

    • Hi Stovey!

      Hmmm, I can’t remember who I referred you to. And, it could very well be who I used years ago is either no longer in business or isn’t quite as awesome as they once were. I shot over to google and found this guy, He’s local and his page while antiquated, is actually well done as far as verbiage goes.

      If you have a gas leak of any kind, no matter how small, that right there is dangerous. The first order of business would be to call PG&E and have them come by. The inspector will usually be quite familiar with the older ranges and be able to sleuth out any issues. Then you would know where the problem would be. However, if there is a leak, they’ll “Red Tag” it and shut it down tight. If I were you, and I was sure I had a leak, I would turn off the gas to the stove and give that guy a call today. If you don’t feel confident with his skill level, try looking for Reliance Appliance or maybe Apple gas stoves (or something like that). They’re over here in the East Bay. Get it done! xo, Biggles

      • Hi Biggles,

        Thanks for the info but I’m sure its not a gas leak. May be a crud burn on the pilot light, tho. I was able to find the post w/the names you gave me for repairs and also grabbed this current one. I always prefer referrals and rarely grab someone from google. Can’t be too careful these days. Yelp helps!!

        Thanks again!

  8. Oh – that is horribly sad news. I loved Kevin. He popped some notes on my site and took part in the Paper Chef a couple of times. I really loved his blog one of my favorites. I’m am so VERY sorry to hear this. Thanks for passing it along too.

  9. Well dang. Just doing a little blog revival myself and thought I’d check out the old guard and saw this. I didn’t know him, but he always responded to my comments and questions with knowledge and humor when I had them.

  10. Kevin introduced me to many wonderful things: Homemade bacon through Ruhlman’s Charcuterie, homemade eggnog cured over several weeks from his Dad’s recipe, and on and on. I had noticed his website abandoned, but didn’t find the reason. So sorry to hear of his passing.

  11. Just went looking for Kevin and am now sitting here sad/shocked to hear he is gone. He wrote about food and yet he was really writing about life if you know what I mean. I am saying some prayers for him and hope to meet up someday on that golden shore………. RIP Kevin