Fresh home made bagels

Fresh bagel time !!!

I’m not sure what prevoked her, but my wife made fresh bagels on Saturday. We’d never made them before, maybe it was the conquest of food untried that set this baking frenzy into motion.
As near as I could see she opened up The Joy of Cooking for the recipe. It seemed straight forward enough. Make a dough using … ingredients, let it rise. Then make some little logs, and then make rings from those logs. Let those rise too. Heat up a pot of water and boilem’ for a bit. Then pop them into the oven after wiping a little eggy wash on them.

I liked them a lot.

5 thoughts on “Fresh home made bagels

  1. Ohmigarsh!?!? Were they good? They sure look it.
    Dang. Must stop slacking and start cookin’.

  2. What possessed me to make bagels? I’ll tell you…
    It was that little tub of whipped cream cheese that sat all week shivering alone in the dark cold fridge. It had no warmth, no radiant bed of bagel love on which to rest itself. When I thought of how cruelly the cream cheese had been whipped and stuffed with air at the factory, my heart broke. I cried for days. I could not rest until there were bagels in the house and the balance of the universe was restored. Suddenly, it came to me that I should get let the creative force flow through me (i.e. get off my duff) and make the bagels myself (after several trips to the store and forgotting to get the confounded things each and every time).
    …And so my dear friends, that is how the homemade bagels came to be.