Adventures in Easy Bake Oven Land

Tiny E received an Easy Bake oven for his birthday this last weekend. Pretty cool stuff. First off we noted that one needs a 100 watt light bulb and not a Soft White one either, mark that one down for the grocery store. It comes with little cake tins, one shaped like a heart and the others were round. Some interesting purple colored pushy push push stick and some stickers to make it look like a real oven. You know, buttons and timer and handle. It believe it was Tuesday that we finally had the correct light bulb and E knew. It was time to start cooking with light.

It started off easy enough. Unscrew the six screws from the back and install light bulb, done. E said he wanted to make cookies, okay fine, we had that mix right here. Chocolate chip ‘mix’, zip and into a small mixing bowl. Keep in mind, E is 4 years old so he’s hovering like a cat and about as excited as a wolverine with a snack treat.
He mixed his cookies up (needed only 1 teaspoon of water) and I spooned them into one of the little tins. I believe E would have done a better job.
Okay first off, there is a definite in and out door of that oven. You can’t just shove it in the right or left, it must be the left. I also found out that purple pushy pushy stick is directional too. One side of the pushy stick pushes and one cradles the hot tin on the way out. But it doesn’t cradle EVERY tin supplied in the kit, NOOOO. It doesn’t cradle the heart shaped pan, that one you have to get a pair of pliers to remove from the oven. Plus, the pushy pushy doesn’t push the heart shaped pan well either. The pan has a very rounded bottom and when you push it in to the left side of the oven, it tends to lift the pan up at a severe angle smooshing your batter all over the upper portion of the door. Which means you have to undo those six screws and use a paint scraper to clean off the doors and the inner portion of the oven. Otherwise it smells really bad and smokes a lot. A clean oven is a happy oven.

After the initial trials, the waiting comes. Here we see Tiny E perched in front of the timer asking every few seconds, “what time is it?” Unfortunately between cooking & cooling it takes about 25 minutes for a heart shaped cake.

Luckily the cookies only take about 8 minutes or so to cook.

Here is a heart shaped yellow cake with pink sugar. They taste kinda like you’d expect them too, weirdly sweet and off a bit.
There you have it, Easy Bake Chocolate Chip cookies and a heart shaped Yellow Cake. Oh and don’t forget the happy chillins.

17 thoughts on “Adventures in Easy Bake Oven Land

  1. “Hovering like a cat and excited as a wolverine with a snack treat”… yep, that about sums up a typical 4 year old waiting on EB Oven treats. I’ll be sure to stock up on EB mixes and bring them by. I wants a chocolate cake!

  2. The three bumps on the bottom of the heart-shaped pan are for anchoring it into the round pan — the one that works with the purple pusher/puller stick. You *did* know that, right? You *did* read the instructions that came with the oven, right?

  3. Uh, Eli ate them, I think.
    I read the intructions for mixing and times and baking and stuff. I didn’t find the instructions for using the tins. They were all cartoony and spaced funny. I needed something more linear …

  4. Awww, very cute! I was sadly deprived of an Easy Bake oven as a child, but what I really wanted was one of those small pretend kitchens in the C&H sugar commercials.

  5. u r so awesome but u r not beta den me u r pretty cool 2 have a easy bake oven even though I have 1 @ the age dat i am but day r really cool so keep doin wat ya doin wit dem den 1 day um sure dat u will b noticed for ur talents

  6. Easy bake ovens are so dang cool but what would be way cool to was if you could make your favorite candy bars in an oven like. The candy bars would be miniature, of course!!!
    thanks for all the hours of fun that the easy bake oven has provided for.

  7. Hi,
    Where did you buy the 100watt light bulb? I can’t seem to find one?

  8. Hey folks,.. I have tons of the 100W bulbs that were meant for this “appliance”.. if any want some, send me an email, and I’ll give you total cost!

  9. Thanks so much or the info on how to clean it.I bought one at a yard sale and I didn’t have one as a child before. But my daughter loves it.

  10. My 6 year old daughter loves her easy bake oven, but she was never a big fan of how the mixes for it would taste. She loved cooking it, but she wouldn’t eat any more than a nibble. So what we do now is, when we’re making cookies or a cake for the regular oven, we use a bit of the batter for the easy bake pans and bake in the easy bake oven. Works just as well, but just remember not to put too much in or else you’ll have batter inside the oven.