Fatted Calf’s Upcoming Meat

Are you over the whole Tuscany thing yet? You know, the rolling hills, the Chianti, the autobiographical I-fixed-up-my-crumbling-villa books, the films, blah, blah, blah…. Everyone, they say now, is vacationing elsewhere in Italy. Elsewhere is cheaper, they say, Elsewhere is less crowded. But, the thing is, Tuscany is just great. Still great. And, as a company of people who make food, cook food, write about food, sell food, and love food, we can

5 thoughts on “Fatted Calf’s Upcoming Meat

  1. Okay, I will be picking up two of the loin roasts, a package of chorizo, 2 Mergeuz, 2 Toulouse and a package of the Rosso. And I believe the only thing we will be eating ourselves is the package of Merguez. Woot!