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Joe Bob in Denver strikes gold with this latest update in dining out

I was headed for Kapre Fried Chicken but they were closed. So I went a block away to Ethel’s House of Soul for some more “real” food. Ethel has been cooking it up here since 1971 in the same place and about the same menu.

I had pork chops with greens, black eyed peas, cornbread, soda and cobbler for $10.50. Killer food! I cut the chops with my fork only, and they were slathered with some brown gravy made in a fry pan from some meat remains. White inside and still juicy. Greens and peas were of course wonderful.
Cornbread comes out of a large pan, one of several at 1:00, the way cornbread is supposed to. Some pans are laced with little chunks of jalapeno peppers. This was enough food for two people, and it’s actually served HOT. What a change these days. No hanging around under heat lamps due to poor timing. See pics of the kitchen and menu at this place. Of course I had to get a piece of Ms. Ethel’s peach cobbler to take home … for only $2.00. I sat there and ate the main meal and could not move. Ethel actually thought I would have room for her cobbler. Seems everyone left there with a piece to go. They serve chitterlings from November 1 till May 28 and they were getting ordered left and right. Sundays they feature baked chicken and turkey, with barbecue ribs, chicken and links. Also oxtails, neck bones, pigs feet and ham hocks. Take your appetite along. Also note the original boomerang Formica table top.
Open noon till seven, Thursday through Sunday. At 2622 Welton Street in Five Points.

Dere it is.

14 thoughts on “ethels soul food cafe – Denver Colorado

  1. I’m a regular at Mrs.Ethel’s Soulfood Restaurant.
    The food is out of this world.. I order 4 to 5 different dinners to last over the week.
    The wrinkle steaks (Chitterlins/Chitlin’) fer the unknowing, are the best this side of Tennessee.
    Y’all are welcomed to come and sit a spell and receive hospitality Western Style…

  2. Hey Golfball,
    You’re a lucky person. If we were neighbors I have a sneaking suspicion that we’d be eating together a lot. Joe Bob (actually IN Denver) has found a killer fried chicken place, the review should be coming in the future.

  3. Thanks Dr.Biggles I’m waiting to see the chicken place…Up to now I’ve been going out to White Fence Farms.. The chicken isn’t bad but it’s just not Southern style…
    As you can see I don’t hit this page that often,
    but will keep an eye open for that article..
    Peace & Good Eats

  4. Maybe yall would be interested in joining “ethel’s supper club” !! A big group of boulderites go to eat at ms ethel’s every first sunday of the Month. Sunday is Peach Cobbler day!!

  5. UPDATE!!!!! I just found out that Ethel’s got sold. Not sure about new owners but maybe it open more days now. Will go eat and write new story.

  6. can you please email me the number cause the number i have is disconnected!

  7. Hey Tonya,
    Rumor has it that the place sold and has new owners. Don’t have anything more than that at the moment, maybe soon!