MEAT ALERT !!! – Smokey Treats

I write to you today with the lingering flavors of Rick’s smoked Hot Italian Sausages. He smokes something each week, last week it was 75 pounds of assorted hunks. This he tells me, was gone within 24 hours or so. That’s without a Meat Alert. Dang.

Rick probably for today only, maybe in the early am but I wouldn’t count on it, has Mild Italian Sausages available. Smoked with real hickory all afternoon at low temperatures. If you aren’t hip to his Hot/Mild Italian rigs, you need to quick. He makes them himself, very tasty even without the smoking. Always a hit with the ladies …
A second Meat Alert is that he’s dry rubbing some slabs of pork ribs for tomorrows Smoke Fest. These, my friend, are unspoken for !!! So if you call RIGHT NOW, you might have a chance.
Get thee to the fone and place your order now, don’t wait to drive by.
Rick’s Quality Meats
1600 Liberty Street
El Cerrito, CA 94530

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