Meat Fairy Presents: Mortadella Bologna

This last Saturday I picked up a handful of Crepinettes from The Fatted Calf. Sure I could have walked away with some Toulouse, Rosso or Chorizo or even some breakfast patty sausage. But I’ve been down those roads more than a few times and it seems as though Taylor changes the ingredients of the Crepinettes from week to week. As much as I detest change, this one is fine by me. We all need a little a meat flavor merry-go-round with either pork or duck or both.
With my pockets filled, I headed up to visit Jan at the Blue Bottle Coffee Company stall. Her helper was there and it wasn’t too busy (like the first time in months she’d had time to do something other than drip coffee), so we sped back to get her some meat. The first thing she went for was the Mortadella. Hey, I like mortadella. I didn’t get any. HEY TAYLOR, ME TOO !!! Both Jan and I got mortadella. I felt like skipping to my truck, I had a new treat.

And here it is, brought to you by my sister Kallisti’s Meat Fairy. This is what my sister does, make really bitchen dolls. Go click on her link and have a look. I had such fun with her Fried Chicken Girl that she made me my own. You’ll see more of Meat Fairy in the coming months, it’s because she cares.
The texture of the mortadella was close and inelastic. Slicing it proved it was smooth and nicely pink inside. The flavor was bright with no hint of smoking. I was surprised to find only 1 square of fat, I believe there is supposed to be about 15% of the surface with evenly spaced squares of fat. But that is fine by me, I’ll be the one eating the darned thing, so the less fat the better. I’m going to go home today for lunch and have a mortadella sandwich. Go git yourself some, it be goood.

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