Arista Panzanese – Pork loin roast rolled with belly & herbs

Arista Panzanese, oven roasted. That’s what you’re gazing upon. How many of you made it to The Fatted Calf’s stall this last weekend? How many of you picked up a roast, like I TOLD you to? Fess up. Good. But for the rest of you, SEE what you’re missing? CHRIS YOU FOOL !!! You admitted to me at the baby shower you missed last weekend. See what happens? I didn’t miss out, in fact my wife didn’t miss out either. It was delightful, a bit much maybe for a tuesday night meal. But what could possibly follow last night’s Dreamland smoked rib dinner? This one did, very well too.

Not too long ago Taylor mentioned he hired another chef to help out in the kitchen, making charcuterie love. So, now I can’t give Toponia & Taylor all the credit. And credit is due here. It’s a pork loin roast rolled with a bit of belly and skin, the Plate I believe. If you look at the image below you can see all kinds of herbies were incorporated in to the roll. This lent a wonderful aromatic bump to the already succulent pork. It would have been nice to open a bottle of wine for the occastion. Remember though, it was Tuesday night and already 7pm. Weze was hungry. It also doesn’t help when the cook has to stop every few minutes to take pictures of the food. Dinner is always a few minutes late. Sorry hun!
Hey Taylor, where at be my little sprigs of herbs crossed and tied under the strings of the roast? It was done about 5 roasts back, but no more. How come? Or was that your wife that did that? Cause I liked it. It’s like a little kiss before bed time, sprigs of herbs.


5 thoughts on “Arista Panzanese – Pork loin roast rolled with belly & herbs

  1. Drat! I missed out. Getting up at 7am just to get across the Bay by 9a – on a Saturday no less – is too much. Waaaaaaa!