Are you ready? Are you?

Are you hosting a holiday meal? Is it coming up soon?
You figure you got it all sorted out huh? Your turkey/ham/duck/quail is on order. Family & friends know what they are bringing, the florist will be on time. The yard is mowed and trimmed. There’s gas in the minivan, you’re set.
Maybe not. There’s always something, possibly ninething. How does one see if they have it together or not? Do a test run.
That’s right, cook the meal a week in advance or so and run it through. Your kitchen has changed over the year, maybe your turkey serving platter has disapeared. That’s what I found out.
Today I ran through a test turkey meal to see what was there and what wasn’t. My turkey serving and/or carving platter is missing. Plus I noticed my linen table clothes all had serious creases in them.
Another damned thing to put on my todo list, but that’s okay. I have time now to take care of those things along with everything else.
How is your silver looking today ?
Xo Xo

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