Last Fatted Calf until November 30th

Photograph above is from the Mojito entry. It’s the onions & murshrooms sauteeing in butter.
Well, this last Saturday was the first time I’ve missed the farmer’s market in maybe a year or so. It was family bidness, you know. Anyway, my heart really sank when I realized that very well could have been my last chance to visit for meaty treats until well after Thanksgiving. No duck demi glace for the gravy, that right there is a tragedy.
I couldn’t have felt better to be wrong. Turns out Fatted Calf will be at the Derby farmer’s market on this coming Tuesday. YOU GOT ONE LAST CHANCE !!!
I’m out of the Duck Demi, so I’ll be gittin’ me one of those suckers. The Boudin Blanc with Chestnuts is a must. I think I’ll get a few loaves of the pate action too, one Guinea Fowl and one of the Campagne. Oh and some of the Sicilian al Arancia (got some orange to it), which is something that simply cannot be missed. The Sugo di Carne … we’re out. So I’ll get one of those too. It’s a weekly family staple now, can’t live without it.
Please note the different times & location for the Tuesday market.
Finally let’s all send positive meat thoughts to our dear sick Taylor. He’s been down for more than a few days. This means Toponia has been working her fingers to the bone making sure this holiday season comes off without a hitch. So far it’s been smooth sailing, from our side anyways. You go girl.

Hello, Meat-Heads:
This is your friendly meat awareness reminder: Fatted Calf will be at the Tuesday Berkeley farmer’s market (tomorrow), to fulfill your final Thanksgiving wishes. Below is the menu. We will NOT be at the Saturday market-the 27th- (resting up, doncha know), but we’ll be back in full swing at the Tuesday market on the 30th. The Tuesday market goes from 2:00-7:00 p.m. See you there!
Tuesday, November 23
Sweet Italian
Sage Sausage for Stuffing
Boudin Blanc with Chestnuts
Pates, Confits & Terrines
Pate de Campagne
Duck Pate
Guinea Fowl Terrine
Duck Confit
Duck Rillette
Pork Rillette
Tonno di Maiale
Pork Confit Terrine
Duck Confit Terrine
Cured Meats
saucisson sec
Sicilian al arancia
Other Meaty Goods
Ham Hocks
Duck Demi
Glace de Viande
Sugo di Carne

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