Balinese Long Pepper – Salt Traders !

Early last week I decided on a whim to see what Rob at Salt Traders was up to. Almost 2 years ago I was shown the light (thanks J. Lee) and bought a few bottles of their Danish Viking-Smoked Sea Salt. As you can glean from my post, it’s pretty cool stuff. Well, I got myself some more. What I also picked up were some fancy peppercorns, mmmmm pepper. In fact, I got a gaggle of goodies and it’s going to take me more than a few posts to get through them all. I decided to start with the Balinese Long Peppercorns because they were the most intriquing.

Intriquing you ask? Yes, because the box is one of those you know will make a really cool stash/curio box. It’s durable, brown and fits in your jacket pocket easy. When I slid the box open, it was FILLED, no, PACKED tightly with these odd looking corns. Immediately I stuck my nose to it and got a whiff of a perfumy waft. I’m wondering if this Balinese pepper tree has flowers too, surely it would have to. I tossed a corn in to my mortar, boy these little guys really snap around. In a moment I had a decent grind and pulled it out. Looked at it, a handful of colors. I wet the end of my finger and dabbed, tasted. The outter shell has a crunchy give with a warm start. Then as more of the corn moves about, the inner portion gives you that little peppery punch. This goes back & forth a bit with a tad of the perfume action.
Given the colors, texture and warm aroma of this pepper, one could use it against food that would contrast in color and not over-power it or more heartier applications such as dry rubs for huge hunks of pork. This pepper is there for you, simple or comlex. Speaking of food, I apologize for not cooking with it, but it’s only been 12 hours since it arrived and I was too excited not to do a show-and-tell. These are the kinds of deliveries that cause you to consider taking a few days off so you can be alone in your kitchen all day.
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5 thoughts on “Balinese Long Pepper – Salt Traders !

  1. Hey Doc,
    Darn it- I haven’t gotten any of the smoked salt yet, but it’s just rocketed back to the top of my to-buy list, I can tell you that much. Might have to get some of these peppercorns, too, now that you mentioned ’em, thank you kindly!
    I’m glad to be back and reading all your meaty (and otherwise) goodness again, Senior Biggles…

  2. I have yet to try any fancy salt. I have some unopened at home. And I love salt. What’s wrong with me? Love those different colors though.

  3. Hey Moira,
    Spring time is here and you need to have these good things at home ready for all the freshness.
    That viking smoked salt it AMAZING on roasted chicken!!!!!
    Order now.

  4. Hey Molly,
    Really? Not using it? But those fancy salts are SO GOOD with fresh vegetables and fruits. Howabout some over-ripe ‘maters? Olive oil too? Comon now …

  5. I’d like to add that not only is the smoked Viking salt fantastic, emberly, fragrant, divinity it really holds up to aging in the bottle.
    *whiff* Nope, no change.
    It’s still whiffy wonderful!