Digital Dish has been released! Meathenge hits print!


Oh man, it’s finally here. Over the months a handful of food bloggers from around the world have been working with Owen and his new publishing company, A Press for Change. Owen asked us to join in his first book and submit a handful of our best posts. We did and the book has finally arrived from the printer!
Over the past few years you’ve seen food blogging absolutely explode. I went from a handful of places to visit, to a list so long it takes me several days just to see what’s going on, if not longer. Slowly but surely, over time we got in to magazines, newspapers, online ‘zines and now a real book. That was the easy part (sorry Owen), now we have to all pitch in and make it a success. This means each and everyone one of you needs to buy a copy, at least one. If this first issue can make a go of it, more are sure to follow. It will validate each and everyone of us who’ve worked so hard over the months and years. What do you get for your money? Check out the Intro to the book here.
You go, make Biggles proud.
Domestic (US) Orders: $19.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling (CA residents add $1.65 sales tax)

International Orders: $19.95 plus $11.00 shipping and handling

5 thoughts on “Digital Dish has been released! Meathenge hits print!

  1. Guess who I found commenting on a specialty food blog on pho+?, the Vietnamese beef noodle???????
    Yup, YOU!!!! I was so very surprised by your coverage. Impressive!

  2. Hey Alice,
    That must have been Pho King. It’s kinda funny how I found that site. One of the authors, JLT emailed me one day saying he loved Meathenge and meat and that he’d just put up a blog himself and asked if I’d like to come by to see. I recognized his name right away. I emailed him and asked if he knew who the author of Meathenge was. He didn’t. I gave him my real name and he just about fell to the floor. We met 16 years ago on local BBSs (online stuff before the internet became huge). A lot smaller world than what we think, eh?

  3. Bravo!
    Wow….I’m so impressed. Thanks for thinking of the ‘international’ option for us Expats! I’ll be ordering my copy!
    ps….Where can I find that article in Gourmet that mentioned your Blog, is there a link??