The Butcher and the Vegetarian – by Tara Austen Weaver (I’m in a book ya foo!)

My copy hasn’t arrived yet, so this isn’t a review. This post is to let you know that Meathenge is in it!
And brother, or sister, it isn’t just a mention, we got an entire chapter! Blown away? I sure as gosh am. 3 years ago Tara contacted me asking for help. She’d always been a vegetarian and her doctor thought some meat might help with her ills. She contacted me, we exchanged a few emails about what she was looking for and what I thought I could provide. Tara mentioned that she was in the beginnings of writing a book and wanted to know if she could interview me while we cooked together. I’m a Leo, it’s all about me and if someone wants an interview? Count me in baby!
I’d been wanting to start up a grilling class, I thought it a perfect time to test my mettle. We set a day and a time, I gave her a few assignments to accomplish before she showed. One of which to spend some time at the butcher, discussing what she wanted to cook and to use his or her knowledge to bring it together. The day came and here’s my account of our afternoon together, A vegetarian reaches out and a grilling class is born. Here is her account of the same day, A visit to the Meathenge.
At least for me, a sleepy 3 years passed. Tara of course had run the gambit of emotions that nearly tore her psyche to shreds. A few weeks ago Shuna and I were exchanging some long needed emails and she mentioned that Tara’s book was out. I ran over there at break-neck speed, sure enough. She did it, she really did it. On that day I figured I got a mention or two, we hadn’t conversed since the class 3 years ago, I had no idea. It wasn’t until I went back the next day and read more on her posting revealing the debut, It’s a book!
Holy crap! Chapter 12: A Visit to the Meathenge. There it was, an entire chapter and check out the other chapters, am in pretty impressive company. I was on cloud 9 for more than a few days, euphoria to say the least. I had no idea. Wow.
As I arrived home each day, planning this post, I was met with more moisture and more mold in my home. It hasn’t been until today I’ve been able to pull myself up enough to string this all together in a somewhat coherent manner.
Here’s her press release for the book with a few more links. If you check out the recipes link, in there you’ll find my grilled bacon “recipe” that I wrote specifically for the release. You’ll also notice that’s my picture there of a bacon rosette! The Butcher and the Vegetarian press release. Since this book is really a big deal, it’s widely available both locally and online. Go now! Go get your copy and support Tara and her endeavors. I wish her nothing but huge amounts of health, money & fame.
xo, Biggles

Cook for me! A contest to win The River Cottage Meat Book

On March 28th I announced the Cook for me! contest, and right now is the deadline. Well, I got 1 entry, so far. Am thinking to myself, “Do they not love me?” Well, that’s not possible. I’m the most loved of all! Then I thought, “Maybe they don’t care.” I’m not buying that either, you care. What else in your life could possibly be more important that me?
Taxes !!!
So, let’s reset and take this contest to April 25th, a Friday. OR, if anyone has a better idea for a contest giveaway, I’m all ears. Oh dear, a cross between Hee Haw and something else just popped in to my mind. Eeek!
We’ll let the dust settle and regroup, what you gots?
A hearty Thank You! to Ten Speed Press for sending this book our way.
Note 4/15/2008: Here are the entries!

Digital Dish has been released! Meathenge hits print!


Oh man, it’s finally here. Over the months a handful of food bloggers from around the world have been working with Owen and his new publishing company, A Press for Change. Owen asked us to join in his first book and submit a handful of our best posts. We did and the book has finally arrived from the printer!
Over the past few years you’ve seen food blogging absolutely explode. I went from a handful of places to visit, to a list so long it takes me several days just to see what’s going on, if not longer. Slowly but surely, over time we got in to magazines, newspapers, online ‘zines and now a real book. That was the easy part (sorry Owen), now we have to all pitch in and make it a success. This means each and everyone one of you needs to buy a copy, at least one. If this first issue can make a go of it, more are sure to follow. It will validate each and everyone of us who’ve worked so hard over the months and years. What do you get for your money? Check out the Intro to the book here.
You go, make Biggles proud.
Domestic (US) Orders: $19.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling (CA residents add $1.65 sales tax)

International Orders: $19.95 plus $11.00 shipping and handling

Meat Books

“Mother-lode” of a day for cool cook books.

  • Cow-Country Cook Book: 1967 (Signed *WOOT*) by Mr. Dan Cushman. This little lovey has the finest recipes wild west ranch and wagon cooks had to offer. Recipes like SIX SHOOTER STEAK(tenderized with the butt of a gun), WAHOO(a beef & dumpling stew), SON-OF-A-BITCH-IN-A-SACK(includes every soft tissue organ you can think of plus some real yum yums like sweetbreads and marrowgut), SQUAW CANDY(burnt gravy) and the thing that caught my eye immediately ROCKY MOUNTAIN OYSTERS(Well, you know the story).
  • THE BIG BOY Barbecue Book: 1967 From the BIG BOY Barbecue Equiptment people (not the Spinning Fat Boy). Pretty standard mid-American fare, dogs, burgers and briquettes.
  • MEAT and Meat Cookery: 1942 Commitee on PREPERATION FACTORS NATIONAL COOPERATIVE MEAT INVESTIGATIONS… Sounds boring but it’s got all kinds of “science” WE LIKE SCIENCE!!! It’s got meat maps, meat cooking logs, all kinda fun facts.
  • ALSO: Several colorful smaller booklets “The Ground Meat Cookbook” “250 Ways to Prepare Meat”, some garlic books and the BIG FIND Henry Chung Hunan Book that Seester has been lookin’ for ferever!!!