Cook for me! A cooking contest, win The River Cottage Meat Book

Jennifer Jeffrey, whom I know very well, recently wrote an article about her love for cooking for others. And, not so whiz-bang excited to do the same for herself. And that’s, okay.
The way I see it, I’m going to give you the supreme pleasure of cooking for me! If you’re interested, come along and show me your best.

And what do you get in return? The warm knowledge that you made someone very happy. However, if you’re the best of the best? You win The River Cottage Meat Book supplied by the most special publishing company in the whole wide world, 10 Speed Press. I’ve had this book far longer than I was supposed to without saying something and have had the time to read through it. I love this book and not just because it says MEAT on the front of it. The darned thing is absolutely filled with solid technique and recipes and prose and, and and it’s pretty. He’s even got a section on Gravy! If you’re a fan of the gravy but can’t quite pull it together, this is your book.
The River Cottage Meat Book is Meathenge approved, and if you possess those mad skills, you’ll receive yours in a few weeks.
The rules are simple, cook me a dish, main or otherwise. Write it up, include a picture or 3 and email it to me at drbiggles at cyberbilly . com. All I ask is that it’s a fresh dish, not something you made last November. And guess what? Anyone can play. And you know what? I’m not going to use some damned confusing 3rd party web site to post entries, no ma’am. I’ll toss it in to a simple html document and make it easy to find & peruse.
You have until April 11th at 5:00pm Pacific Time to get your entries in. Sometime over the weekend, Meathenge Lab’s staff will offer up the 3 top entries and I will choose the winning dish. MMmmMmM, winning dish.
Get cooking, I’m hungry.
xo, Biggles
Note 4/15/2008: Here are the entries!

10 thoughts on “Cook for me! A cooking contest, win The River Cottage Meat Book

  1. LOVE the new design. Love the River Cottage (and its meat book). Love the competition idea.
    I have been watching the river cottage TV series’ (there are four now I think) and have loved the combination of live off the land and cooking skills on display

  2. Oh, I see how it is!
    You’re trying to lure me back into the kitchen.
    And it just might work… 😉
    (I second Owen’s LOVE for the new design. The wee piggie is the best.)

  3. Sweetnicks ??? HEY !!! Whaddya sayin’ ?!? Phlesbsbbbbbttt!
    Bacon? Doesn’t have to, but remember ya’ll who you’re cooking fer.

  4. Do I detect a Mark Twain type painting of fences in this? S’all right, Biggles, I’m sure your fans will send you great recipes enough to keep you cookin’ in your own kitchen/at your own grill.
    The prize is a fine one!

  5. I just discovered your blog recently and I love it! Such a proud lover of all things meaty. I know how you feel, I could never be a vegetarian that’s for sure. I’ve always wanted that book so I’ll be cooking up a meaty beast feast asap.

  6. Hey Michelle,
    Well, okay. I was going to give you a hard time until I had lunch yesterday. It was a frozen burger sammich from costco and figured that was at least that old. I’ll bet yours is better.