Better Homes & Gardens Barbecue Book – Neat discoveries

The images are larger than normal because I wanted to make them larger. This blog does what I tell it to.
If you’re any kind of outdoor cooking enthusiast, you’ve got this book. If not, you’ve got one or five just like it. The drawings, photographs & recipes are fun to pour through. Meathead gifted me this one a few weeks ago. While flipping through I found two reasons that made it a tad more interesting. Visit with me on a little journey back to the later 1950s, won’t you?

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Hen Cam !!! Watch chickens in their coop, all day all night.

I stumbled across this a month ago, maybe. I figured I’d watch it a while to see if it was active and going to be around a bit. So far, we’re good. At this exact moment, not much is going on. But the view changes and it’s a pretty interractive site. They’re asking for help to name the chicks, neat. And apparently the chickies have laid 187 eggs so far this year!
I think it’s pretty cool. I have it rolling by while I do other things, such as working.

World Carrot Museum – Discover the Power of Carrots!

There’s an aspect to blogging that authors get to enjoy, while readers most certainly miss out on. As a reader of a blog, you probably have your RSS thingy all set up and know when a new post has rolled in, off you go. But what about those posts in the past? The ones I did over 3 years ago, what about those?
“Why do I care Biggles? I read them already.”
Yes, maybe you did. However, months and years later the comments are still rolling in. There are a small handful of posts here that get fresh comments weekly, years later. My point is, I recently received a comment from nearly the first post I did here, it’s about carrots. This guy John stops by and says the carrots get wiggly cause they took on moisture. Fair enough, but his web site lists a carrot museum?
I just HAD to go see this, this, this, Carrot Museeeeyum.
I’m not going to go on about it, suffice it to say this is very well written and researched web site. As meat minded as I am, I do enjoy carrots. They’re wonderful in a slow simmered pot roast and invigorating juiced up on a Sunday morning. Go have a gander, it’s worth your time.
World Carrot Museum
ps –

Tybo says, “Ahhhh, moisture moisture moisture !!!”

Graham’s Market, Hollister California – My Best Meat Recipes circa 1940s

Well, Ralph says the “treasures” are pretty much done with. He’s been cleaning out the family stronghold for the last few months. The other day he loaded me up with a box full of cookbooks, menus and little food/wine related pamphlets from a kitchen cupboard seldom used. How seldom? There was nothing newer than the early 1960’s in it.
Here’s a freebie from Graham’s Market in Hollister. It’s a recipe book with mostly meat related recipes. Gramma and the boys moved up here in about 1946 or so, the book is before that some time. Clearly the image of the woman holding meat with that hair-do is a giveway. But check out that phone number. When was the last time you said, “Give me a call sometime. Here’s my number, let me write that down so you don’t forget. That’d be, phone number 73.”
Are you ready to test your Meat Knowledge?

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Dave makes and eats, The Luther

I have a friend, his name is Dave. Dave lives in Sacramento. Dave rides motorcycles. Dave does all kinds of fun things. Dave and I met probably 7 or 8 years ago and he’s always followed a path seldom traveled by anyone I know or have heard of. Played in a punk rock star trek band wearing a Mugato suit? Dave has done it. Ride a motorcycle riding said suit? Yup. Pissed off an entire house of women by reving the piss out of a 1964 Dart with a race motor? Dave has done it. Circumnavigate Australia on a leaky 40 year old Italian motorcycle by himself? Dave has done it. Crash the Oscars and get his picture taken with Keanu Reeves in the foreground? Dave has done that too.
Now Dave has another feather in his hat. I triple-dog dare you to read further.

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Meathenge History Strikes !!!

I’ve been absolutely swamped here at the Labs. So many things going on all day long and into the night, every day. For weeks. One of the many things I’ve been doing is cleaning and going through some family item boxes I’ve been carrying around for over 20 years. Look what my sister found in one of the boxes! I can’t be sure, but this looks my Grampa from way too many years ago. Check out that grill, kinda portable looking huh? It’s too bad those things rust out and go away. That’d be one fine grill to have today.
I promise more real cooking in the near future, but for now? Meatabilia. Enjoy.

Post Party Tribute

Yesterday was our second meatfest of the year. It was big. It was grand. There was a lot of meat and booze. Yet, there was one thing lacking from the get together. No, it was not more meat. What was missing was a little song about meat and the joy that it brings to everyone who loves it so.
Today, I can right the wrong of yesterday and now provide you with that musical composition to complement your next meat-laden meal. This song is called Meat Cuttin’ Blues, written by Hunter and Jenkins (bless them), and I dedicate it to Dr. Biggles (Happy Birthday), and to Rick, our local butcher.

Meat Cuttin’ Blues

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