Meathenge History Strikes !!!

I’ve been absolutely swamped here at the Labs. So many things going on all day long and into the night, every day. For weeks. One of the many things I’ve been doing is cleaning and going through some family item boxes I’ve been carrying around for over 20 years. Look what my sister found in one of the boxes! I can’t be sure, but this looks my Grampa from way too many years ago. Check out that grill, kinda portable looking huh? It’s too bad those things rust out and go away. That’d be one fine grill to have today.
I promise more real cooking in the near future, but for now? Meatabilia. Enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Meathenge History Strikes !!!

  1. I found another from the series! It is Grampa… check out those German sausage fingers. I’ll send it over this weekend. You will love!

  2. Awesome! Looks like one of those TV snack trays with some sort of grill attachment…
    Man, those TV snack trays. Come November they held pins and sequins and stryrofaom balls to make Christmas ornaments while we watched the Carol Burnette show and ate buttered popcorn. Before the air popper or the microwave…we actually fried the popcorn in oil. Those were the days…
    Great shot!

  3. Hey, Henry Joe…are you actually one of my brothers? Cuz that’s what we did, too! Yeah, rock on popcorn popped in Wesson vegetable oil, and rock on The Carol Burnette Show. Damn, Sam.
    Hey, Doc…love that old school bbq snap! I guess we’ve all got one of those in our cardboard box, too huh? At least if you’re in our age bracket anyway. Where’d the time go?

  4. Doctor B.
    My favorite pic of you is still the one that your sis posted. The family shot with you and a fork sticking out of your head! That one makes me laugh!

  5. Hey Melissa,
    My sister is finding more and more cool photographs from 5 million years ago. I think I’ll post them from time to time, it’s fun.

  6. Great pic. It would be great to make one from a TV Tray cart, a #200 pan and a drip rack. Very retro! And forget the charcoal chimney. You’d have to use a bunch of lighter fluid or better yet, something really old school like gasoline with it, just to get that chemical flavor just right…
    I wonder what the side panels were for. To deflect the heat from the stand and the cook?
    Great blog! Enjoy the hiatus.