Graham’s Market, Hollister California – My Best Meat Recipes circa 1940s

Well, Ralph says the “treasures” are pretty much done with. He’s been cleaning out the family stronghold for the last few months. The other day he loaded me up with a box full of cookbooks, menus and little food/wine related pamphlets from a kitchen cupboard seldom used. How seldom? There was nothing newer than the early 1960’s in it.
Here’s a freebie from Graham’s Market in Hollister. It’s a recipe book with mostly meat related recipes. Gramma and the boys moved up here in about 1946 or so, the book is before that some time. Clearly the image of the woman holding meat with that hair-do is a giveway. But check out that phone number. When was the last time you said, “Give me a call sometime. Here’s my number, let me write that down so you don’t forget. That’d be, phone number 73.”
Are you ready to test your Meat Knowledge?

Click on the image, do a right click and save the image to your computer (if you have a PC). Print it out and take that test!
The recipes are pretty cool too. Do you know how to cook Sweetbreads Inglenook style? I have the recipe now. Howabout Porcupines? The base is ground beef, did you know that? Swiss Steak on Noodles? I wonder what’s in there. Oh, here’s a recipe for Beef Patties, sigh. Do you want your own recipe page? Here’s a good one.

Now you have your very own copy and can make Jellied Beef and Frankfurter Spaghetti for your family or lover. Dang, I sure am thoughtful!
I hope you enjoy these things as much as I do.

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